Tiket ke Syurga : Day 1

Date written: July 3rd, 2013.

For a subject called Islam and Communication that i'm taking this semester (Nama sekolah: Agama), our group assignment will be different than the usual. Each group will have to produce one Islamic-themed short film. Each class will be split into two teams, hence, two videos per class.

Our films then will be contested in a contest called ISFAL held by the university.

Based on the original concept by two of my team members, Ikhwan and Aliff, our short film is called Tiket ke Syurga.

Today is day one of the filming. From 12pm all the way till 5pm with about a half an hour break. With that 4 1/2 hours, we only finished 3 scenes. God knows how many takes there were. Honestly, my head was not in the game. I was all dreamy and distracted.

Throughout the week, i have been feeling depressed, lethargic and fatigue. I have never quite been like this before.

I have been sleeping on the floor for four consecutive nights(currently am lying on the floor);
I had problems validating my courses;
I fought with someone;
I'm broke.

I am still feeling lethargic but at least today i feel productive. Because i didn't lie down and stream movies on YouTube the entire day like i used to. Tee hee.


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