Rants on my life as a non-resident student.

June 13, 2013

Hi, my name is Rina and I am a Semester 3 student of Diploma in Mass Communication, UiTM Lendu.

For this particular semester, i applied to get a residential college in campus as I did in previous semester. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a spot. So I am a non-residence student. I am currently renting a house in a neigbourhood situated right in front of my campus(Slightly to the left, actually).

When I was first introduced to this house, the rate per head is RM185(includes water and electrical bills). All the way from Seremban, I went to the house to have a quick look with my dad. And nope, nope, definitely not what I was expecting for the price. The room was for two; no study table (there’s one but it’s meant for you to put your things, according to the landlord); no proper wardrobe (the one they prepared does not look like one at all. It’s the aluminum rack our grannies used back in those days to dry kitchen utensils. And it’s meant for two.) and two beds with metallic bed frames. My father was incredibly irritated by the paint of the wall; green and it was badly painted. The bathroom is fine, though (Thank God!).

I went home after that, thoroughly thinking whether I should take it or not. RM185 is quite a lot but it’s still good for a semi-D house. It’s not like I have any other choices. I took it anyway. Called the landlord to confirm the rent and boom!—It’s RM200.
Hahaha. I felt cheated somehow. She said her daughter(the one who showed me around the house) showed me to the RM200/pax room. The RM185/pax room’s has no bed frame. Mattresses only.

Ridiculous. But screw it. I should be grateful that I at least have a place to stay.

Day 4.

I bought some groceries. I missed cooking so bad! I went to the nearest convenient store, bought an unknown brand of white pepper, a dozen of eggs, 2 kilos of uncooked rice, 200g of fine salt and some onions. I wanted to buy Kicap Kipas Udang but I didn’t have enough cash in hand. So I made do of what I had.

Got home, went to the kitchen, only to find that they didn’t have a proper wok. They only had three non-stick pans, which were badly used till the layer of wax came off. Also, they don’t have a big stainless steel spatula but only the small wooden one; the one that you use to make soups. Sigh. I was annoyed, angry, upset; I felt like going out and buying the utensils myself! Come on, man! How could my housemates live like this?! How could they happily make themselves some food?!

Anyway, I proceeded to achieving my target: Making a plain yet tasty fried rice.
Sautéed some onions, threw some rice in, some salt, some scrambled egg, then some white pepper. Fact: I love pepper(doesn’t matter black or white) so much, I would want pepper in every food that I consume. I put about half a teaspoon of white pepper: tasteless. Put a dash more: still tasteless.

I got so pissed, I put a dash on my hand and I licked it. It was super remarkably incredibly surprisingly nonsensically tasteless and bland.


Turned off the fire, put the so-called fried rice in a bowl, and poured some Life’s Thai Chilli Sauce.

I swear the taste was…. God, the taste was so bad, I had a few spoonfuls and I threw it away. I’d rather starve myself than finishing the Fried Rice Gone Wrong.

.. And that’s what you missed on *Glee!* my life.


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