Malaysia's 13th General Election

Not writing for following the trend, but because i want to speak out my mind.

I think i'm not the only Malaysian who supports BN for hating the fact that many PR supporters have been condemning BN. They talk like they have experienced leading a country.

Also, i am a UiTM student; a place where the students are solely bumis-- to ensure that we get the chance to study as well as other races. We're not that smart, that i can say. It kind of hurts me seeing some of the students here are not appreciating this opportunity and at the same time, rooting for the opposition. What bugs me more is that those people aren't in the elite group of the university! Have they ever wondered what happens if the opposition rules and opens the admission of the university to other races? Won't they get kicked out for being 'not smart enough' or reach the level of expectation?

Secondly, i certainly do not agree with the manifestos by the opposition. Abolishment of tolls and free educations? You do not need to be an economist to know that the country's economy will be badly ruined. Malaysians cannot be spoon fed. If everything i free, everything is subsidised, where's the source of income? From the taxes you pay? Oh yea, as if the taxes are 'that' much to cover the shit you want from the country. As if you pay taxes. If you have nothing better to do, go google Malaysia's debt as of 2013. Look at the chart yourself and start thinking how to pay them back. You're the rakyat and you don't give a shit? The government is the government because you chose them. You picked them yourself.

PTPTN is one good shit. You owe people, you pay them back. If you're one smarty pants, you don't have to pay back. So what do you do? You study hard! What is so hard to get? The world doesn't revolve around you, you dipshit. Students from the rural areas need money. They need money to study. They do not spend their first PTPTN allowance for BlackBerrys like you do. With PTPTN, at least you are driven by something to study and pursue your dreams. I guess that's the part you don't get.

As i'm writing this, i'm waiting for the final words of the general election. Heart's pounding, adrenaline's rushing, brain's cracking. The anxiety, pfft.


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