Truly random thoughts #1

Kalau tak boleh tolong orang, jangan susahkan orang.

Why do people bother and cause trouble to others and act like nothing happened? Don't they feel guilty at all?

I wish people could stop expecting so much from me. 

Why do elderlies expect us to go beyond our limits? What happened to the life cycle?

You were supposed to be my leader but you expect me to my own leader. 

When people are depressed, why do you still force them to get up when all they need is some time alone?

Why am i getting weaker?

Why do i feel like curling up myself at the corner of the room and do nothing?


Mari join segmen yang Eyrra buat ni... Jom menjadi pengarah filem dalam segmen Eyrra ni.. Buat entry yang ringkas n padat jalan ceritanya... Mari mari mencuba... siapa kah cerita yang paling ohsem antara-antara blogger yang join segmen Eyrra ni...

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