Questionnaire #2

1. If you can say something to your best friends before they die, what would it be?
   - They? Thank you for making it plural. You've made my work so much easier. Okay. I would say " I know you went through really hard times dealing with me whenever i'm all over High School Musical, Caprice, John Travolta, Grease and Superman. You are such noble people :)

2. What are the things that please you the most?

   - When my friends remind me to perform my prayers
   - When someone asks me out to lepak
   - When i'm cooking
   - When someone sings a song along with me
   - Caprice, High School Musical, Grease and John Travolta (i refuse to put these on different bullets because they are all at the level to me. :). )
   - When i get surprises. Good ones :)

3. If you could visit a place right now, this second, this minute, where would it be?
   - Make that two. Venice, Italy and South Africa.

4. If you could get superpowers, what would they be?
   - Telepathy and telekinesis. 

5. Dashboard Confessional or Coldplay?
   - What question is this?! Urghhh, i don't know!

6. You're homophobic, aren't you?
   - How did you......know?

7. Why don't you have a Keek or WeChat account?
   - I hate my voice. Let alone my face.

8. Grease or High School Musical?
   - You're sick.

9. Name a super hot celebrity that you would wanna date.
   - Ryan Gosling. *squeaks*

10. Triple H's pedigree or The Rock's people's elbow?
   - Pedigree. *snaps*


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