Checklist for this semester break!

I'm still alive and i'm still interested in writing. Just so you know.

I have this huge feeling telling me that i did pretty badly this term. Here's the thing. I don't think i am, and i will never be more academic than extra-curricular activity person. I will somehow someway focus on extra-curricular activities more than i will with my academics. 

This term, we have a subject called Principles of Managerial Communication (if i'm not mistaken). BUT we had to organise an event. And that's what i did. We organised an event called Festival Tradisional at Dataran Sungai Melaka, Melaka. For that, i (slightly) mis-prioritised things. Meetings almost the entire nights of the week, hence, my assignments were done at the eleventh hour. Hence, the low carry marks.

What's past is past. Keep moving forward.

I HAVE TO exercise every single day. Not saying that i want to lose weight! I just need to sweat. These few days i have been eating and sleeping macam kerbau and i don't sweat that much. Comparing to Lendu days, my room was on the third floor. Though that's the only exercise that i had been doing, but i still did sweat, ay? The treadmill has been off for God knows how long. It's time to hit the button and start running again! Acehhh.

Every day has to be a productive day. A few days off for some Smallville/movie marathon are acceptable but not too often, okay sayang? :*


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