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Questionnaire #2

1. If you can say something to your best friends before they die, what would it be?
   - They? Thank you for making it plural. You've made my work so much easier. Okay. I would say " I know you went through really hard times dealing with me whenever i'm all over High School Musical, Caprice, John Travolta, Grease and Superman. You are such noble people :)

2. What are the things that please you the most?
   - When my friends remind me to perform my prayers
   - When someone asks me out to lepak
   - When i'm cooking
   - When someone sings a song along with me
   - Caprice, High School Musical, Grease and John Travolta (i refuse to put these on different bullets because they are all at the level to me. :). )
   - When i get surprises. Good ones :)

3. If you could visit a place right now, this second, this minute, where would it be?
   - Make that two. Venice, Italy and South Africa.

4. If you could get superpowers, what would they be?
 - Telepathy and telekinesis. 

5. Dashboard C…
It is the semester break. I have been spending a lot of time in my room instead of working. Working has been one of my initial and most-looked-forward-to plans before this, but thinking of how my family has always been the 'last-minute-plan' people, i chose not to. 

I wonder if i'm the only one who does this or has ever been in this situation..

When i'm alone, i tend to think of the future or the past. Let's just say, i'm thinking of the past.

I would usually think of the bitter moments. Moments where i think i could have done better. Moments that i regret of doing some gestures. I'd only question myself on my behaviors that i regret. The whole scene will play again at the back of my mind. It kind of feels like the scene in Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows: Part 2 where Harry sees the whole life of Snape.

If i were to recall things that i regret in public, people would think that i'm crazy. Why? I tend to utter the improvised words that i would say out …

Checklist for this semester break!

I'm still alive and i'm still interested in writing. Just so you know.

I have this huge feeling telling me that i did pretty badly this term. Here's the thing. I don't think i am, and i will never be more academic than extra-curricular activity person. I will somehow someway focus on extra-curricular activities more than i will with my academics. 

This term, we have a subject called Principles of Managerial Communication (if i'm not mistaken). BUT we had to organise an event. And that's what i did. We organised an event called Festival Tradisional at Dataran Sungai Melaka, Melaka. For that, i (slightly) mis-prioritised things. Meetings almost the entire nights of the week, hence, my assignments were done at the eleventh hour. Hence, the low carry marks.

What's past is past. Keep moving forward.

I HAVE TO exercise every single day. Not saying that i want to lose weight! I just need to sweat. These few days i have been eating and sleeping macam kerbau and i don&#…

Truly random thoughts #1

Kalau tak boleh tolong orang, jangan susahkan orang.

Why do people bother and cause trouble to others and act like nothing happened? Don't they feel guilty at all?

I wish people could stop expecting so much from me. 

Why do elderlies expect us to go beyond our limits? What happened to the life cycle?

You were supposed to be my leader but you expect me to my own leader. 

When people are depressed, why do you still force them to get up when all they need is some time alone?

Why am i getting weaker?

Why do i feel like curling up myself at the corner of the room and do nothing?