Parenthood. (Written on February 21, 2013)

As i am writing, i am sitting on a bench at AG Sentral waiting for ticketing counter to open. Yes, it is my first time taking a bus back to Seremban. Practically. Since the last time i tried taking one, the bus left me. Sigh. 

Anyway! That's not what i'm trying to say.

A few minutes ago, i was on the phone with Zuriani. And as i was talking, a toddler aged around 4 years old who sat a few feet away from me was one hell of a loud kid. This place is an enclosed place. Hence, echoes. 

And stating the obvious, i was disturbed. The mother who sat next to him, asked him to keep it down. Once. And only once. Being a typical toddler, he kept screaming "Bus! Bus!" every time he sees one.

"Dude! We're at a bus terminal! Buses are everywhere! Can you keep it down?!" I yelled at him. 

Nahh, just kidding. I didn't. I wanted to, but i didn't. I ignored the kid afterwards. 

About 5 mins later, i heard his voice again. This time, he was crying out loud, standing in front of the exit and looking at his mom out the door. His mother was too annoyed, i guessed, and went straight to their awaited bus, leaving him inside. The door was too heavy, he couldn't open it himself. So there was a pak cik, looking pretty annoyed, he came and opened the door for the kid. 

I was taken aback and stopped eating the corn i bought. 

What was the mother thinking when she left her kid alone? With all the Banglas in the place, she should know that child trafficking cases are growing too rapidly in the country, yes? Come on, man. Even if you don't read the papers, you should at least have heard of William Yau. 

She could be penalized for negligence, the boy could have been another child being trafficked out the country. Urgh. It bugs me so much. She reminds me of the mother who was too 'busy' being on 'facebook', forcing her starving child to go to the convenient store and get some Maggi for herself. Dipshit. 


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