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Parenthood. (Written on February 21, 2013)

As i am writing, i am sitting on a bench at AG Sentral waiting for ticketing counter to open. Yes, it is my first time taking a bus back to Seremban. Practically. Since the last time i tried taking one, the bus left me. Sigh. 

Anyway! That's not what i'm trying to say.
A few minutes ago, i was on the phone with Zuriani. And as i was talking, a toddler aged around 4 years old who sat a few feet away from me was one hell of a loud kid. This place is an enclosed place. Hence, echoes. 
And stating the obvious, i was disturbed. The mother who sat next to him, asked him to keep it down. Once. And only once. Being a typical toddler, he kept screaming "Bus! Bus!" every time he sees one.
"Dude! We're at a bus terminal! Buses are everywhere! Can you keep it down?!" I yelled at him. 
Nahh, just kidding. I didn't. I wanted to, but i didn't. I ignored the kid afterwards. 
About 5 mins later, i heard his voice again. This time, he was crying out loud, standing in f…