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The thing that we should do before we go to bed.

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I feel different this semester. Too different that i just hate it. I hate it so much.

For some people, different is good, but at this point, it is too bad that i wanna pull my hair off.

I talk a lot.
I gossip a lot.
I feel a lot meaner to people.
I feel stupid (intellectual wise).
My languages have gone bad. Too bad that i talk slower now.
I have attitude problem.
I reprimanded someone (over the phone) for the first time since i got here.
I skipped classes twice this semester because i was too lazy.
I've stopped reading newspapers.
I've started whining.
I'm a bitch.

How do i get my old self back?

I believe in karma. I believe in the law of attraction. Trust me, eventhough i am not an engineer, what goes around comes around. Try talking bad about someone; for example, how weak one is in general knowledge, you'll feel a lot dumber the next day.

My fluency in languages have gone really, really bad. Is it because of the people i mix with?

I've started gos…