Stereotypes of the terms 'beautiful' and 'handsome'.

It has been more than two weeks ago since i last wrote about my self-esteem. And surprise, ladies an gentlemen, the problem is still not solved. 

Recently, someone asked me why don't i get myself a boyfriend. It got me thinking. The world has been stereotyping the world 'beautiful' and 'handsome'. Let me show you how it works. 

Picture someone beautiful. Tall? Sexy? Thin? High heels? Red dress? Barbie dolls? Kendall Jenner?
Picture someone handsome. Big round eyes? Six-pack abs? Masculine? Long neck? Ryan Gosling?

Does that mean plump guys aren't handsome? If they have really small eyes, does that mean they are not charming? 

"A guy should like you for who you are. Take it from me."

How far is the truth of this statement? Does this apply in 2013? I don't know. But from what i see in my surroundings, it's not that true. The world has been classifying and stereotyping people for years and decades. That's why most people feel insecure of themselves.

If you've never met me in person, let me tell you about myself. When i go out, i'd usually grab anything that i have in my wardrobe. I'm not a fashionista nor a shopaholic. Whatever i own, that's what i'll put on. Some people dress up really well even if they just wanna go to a grocery store or dine in at a restaurant around the corner. As for myself, i'd wear leather shoes track pants, white t-shirt with purple cardigan or a hoodie. I like it that way.

It makes me


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