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Buat bodoh.

Zaman sekarang ni, kalau tak nak cepat emo,
kuatkan hati
pekakkan telinga
butakan mata
InsyaAllah, you can make it through

Kalau ada yang hunus pedang dekat hati kita
ingat satu benda je:
orang yang tengah 'panas' akan meletup
dan dia sendiri tak sedar apa yang dia muntahkan.

Janganlah ambik hati sangat
sebab orang tu sendiri akan rasa menyesal
lepas dia terkam kita macam tu

Mula2 tu mesti rasa susah punya. Pasti.
Tapi lama2 tu mesti okay punya.
Good luck!

It's true
Experience is the best teacher
And i'm still learning
to take my own advice.

On a totally unrelated note, just as i woke up this morning, i skyped with Irda for almost two hours and i met Farah and Zue in the afternoon. I'm a happy kid :)

Recurring dreams.

"Oh why? That's what i keep asking. Was it anything that i could have said or done?"

And that is a line from Rascall Flatts' Why.

I have a story to share and a question that needs an answer. It's about a dream, oh wait, DREAMS that i have been having for a lot of times. 

Have you ever had dreams that revolve around the same thing over and over again or maybe for three consecutive nights? I have. A few weeks ago, i dreamed of this person for three consecutive nights. A person that i know personally and is quite close to me. No, those dreams were not scary or eerie, they were really pleasant, calming and i felt secured. When i woke up, i wondered myself. "Why? What did i do?" Awhile after that, i just left the question unanswered. "Well, it's just a one time thing. They probably don't mean anything. Won't happen again." I convinced myself.

Guess what? I was wrong. 

I dreamed about the same person again. For the last two nights. I don'…

Write, write, write.

I have just finished my second journalism class and i'm in doubt.

Do i want to be a journalist? Regardless of my passion in pursuing my degree in International Relations or Public Relations, writing is what i love doing. My mood to write might not kick in every time but it is one of my ways to channel whatever i feel.

No, i do not want to be a reporter. I want to be a journalist. From what i have learned so far, correct me if i am wrong, a reporter reports facts while a journalist writes his/her opinion supported by facts and is able to persuade readers to his/her thinking.

If i ever become a journalist, i want to do feature writing. A feature writing is when a journalist writes freely on his/her opinions i.e: columns, lifestyle, health. From my own perspective-- it is just like writing an essay or a term paper. 

And now my doubt is: Can i do it?

Chapter Four.

A couple of days before the first class of the semester, i was ecstatic. Being aware that i would learn more mass communication subjects and soft skills, i couldn't wait for classes to start!

For this particular semester, i'm taking up six subjects; Economics, Publishing and Media Design, Journalism, Graphics Design, Photo Communication and Issues in Modern Malaysia.

Now i'm already in my second week of the semester-- and boom goes the excitement. Knowing that the subjects this semester are tad, okay scratch that, wayy heavier than subjects i took in my previous semesters, my knees are starting to shake. The assignments are extremely more challenging.

As an example, during my previous semester, my team interviewed the Head of Corporate Communication Department of BERNAMA for our Public Relations assignment. It wasn't that hard actually since the set of questions were given by the lecturer and we were not allowed to ask additional questions. However, for Publishing and Med…

Because i miss these mofos too.


Hello, semester 4!

Enough with the depressing posts. I need a break and enjoy myself.

I'm really looking forward to Semester 4. My result? I dropped a wee bit by 0.01. *teehee!* It was satisfying considering how unfocused i was throughout the semester. But all is well. Alhamdulillah.

Gee, i can't wait to meet these people again!

They're not just my classmates, they're my family :)

One of my favourite Indonesian movies of all time

Kulari ke hutan kemudian menyanyiku Kulari ke pantai kemudian teriakku Sepi sepi dan sendiri Aku benci Aku ngin bingar Aku mau di pasar Bosan aku dengan penat

Photographs. More Photographs.

10,000. More than 10,000 images found on my laptop.

Mana taknya, I still have photos that my friends and i randomly took since 2009.

I've been struggling with this problem of deleting my photos. Some people snap some pictures, print them out and delete them. I snap a lot(!) of pictures, print them out and i do not delete them. 

I have this fear of deleting photos; because i may think i have some backups, but i don't. Or i may think i have printed them out, but i didn't.

Solution: I burn the pictures into CDs before moving those pictures to Trash.

Do you face this problem too?

Ps: I'm also afraid of emptying the trash.


These past few weeks, the friendships that i've built with so many people have been tested like crazy, i tell you. Like a hurricane just came in the way and whooshed everything, to see how strong i could stand. One hurricane after another. Damn, man. Like the speed of the playing cards that Gambit throws every single time! 

Ya Allah. When those happened, i have to be honest, i had some sleepless nights. Some people suggested me to cry it out and sleep but i couldn't. The frustrations haven't reached the top of the pyramid of 'Okay Now You May Cry'. I tried to hide everything inside and keep 'em to myself. Those are some pretty personal issues of mine that i wouldn't feel comfortable of sharing. However, some close friends could actually tell some things went wrong.

You know how people always say 'bros before hoes'? Yea i stick to it. Except most probably 'chicks before dicks'? If friendship vs. marriage, 70% i'd go with friendship. Because…

Just To Let You Know That I'm Doing Fine


Hi, you. I know i haven't blogged in a looong time.
No i'm not dead. I'm still here. When was the last time i blogged anyway? Hold on. Let me check.

August 6! Hahaa more than a month ago.

One thing i can tell, too many things happened within the period. Weddings, open houses, i met some really old friends, breakdowns, but all's good. 

I'm currently having my final exams, my next paper would be on the 1st of October and the last one would be on the 11th.

Oh, and remember i told you about the short film we were working on? IT'S DONE! 

It was a good first time, and boy, did i have fun. Enjoy the movie, drop a comment either on YouTube or personally to me, and i apologise beforehand for any glitches.
Tiket ke Syurga is about friendship. If you appreciate friendship as much as we do, then you should watch this. Tiket Ke Syurga (Trailer)

Tiket Ke Syurga (Full Movie)

To fill you up on the missing weeks, i've attached some pictures from my Instagram. Pemalas kan?

End of Ramadhan

It's already the last day of Ramadhan (since Maghrib marks a new day in Hijri calendar)-- which also means that tomorrow is Syawal aka Eid ul-Fitr. It's a 'Yayyy' for some people but it's a 'Nayyy' for me.

I've always hated Aidilfitri (Eid ul-Fitr sounds too posh for me). I don't think i have ever been tremendously excited or anticipate the arrival of Syawal.

I don't know how far is the truth of this story.

Ada orang cakap, apabila datangnya Ramadhan Al-Mubarak, kesemua ahli kubur dibenarkan untuk pulang ke rumah untuk melawat ahli-ahli keluarga mereka. Ramadhan is a month of Forgiveness. Dalam waktu itu, mereka akan bebas dari dihisab dan bebas untuk ke mana-mana. Pada waktu itulah mereka akan meninjau dan memerhati gelagat keluarga mereka.

Kita tak boleh lupa bahawa di hujung Ramadhan, tatkala azan Maghrib pada hari terakhir puasa berkumandang, Syawal juga tiba, dan ketika itu, mereka akan dibawa pulang ke liang lahad masing-masing. Dalam erti kat…

I'm just so moved that i have to blog.

The past few posts have been about my rants and ramblings.
But this one is different.

The past few weeks slash months have been filled with quite some tests. Hence, those emotional tweets, blog posts.

But today, someone sent me a miraculously, remarkably, inspirational message than i can't help it but to write a post. No one has ever said anything as sweet and as moving as that. Thank you for making me feel worth living and going through those obstacles like Superman. You're always there when i needed someone. You may not notice, but yes, you've always been there.

We haven't seen each other for months, we haven't had an actual conversation where we sit down at a table and talk about life or those deep conversations, but you're this special case where we've managed to click without needing to hang out together.

Let me tell you this: Those words truly touched my soul and thus far the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me.

Whenever i count my blessings before i go…

Tiket ke Syurga : Day 1

Date written: July 3rd, 2013.

For a subject called Islam and Communication that i'm taking this semester (Nama sekolah: Agama), our group assignment will be different than the usual. Each group will have to produce one Islamic-themed short film. Each class will be split into two teams, hence, two videos per class.

Our films then will be contested in a contest called ISFAL held by the university.
Based on the original concept by two of my team members, Ikhwan and Aliff, our short film is called Tiket ke Syurga.
Today is day one of the filming. From 12pm all the way till 5pm with about a half an hour break. With that 4 1/2 hours, we only finished 3 scenes. God knows how many takes there were. Honestly, my head was not in the game. I was all dreamy and distracted.
Throughout the week, i have been feeling depressed, lethargic and fatigue. I have never quite been like this before.
I have been sleeping on the floor for four consecutive nights(currently am lying on the floor); I had problems va…

Rants on my life as a non-resident student.

June 13, 2013
Hi, my name is Rina and I am a Semester 3 student of Diploma in Mass Communication, UiTM Lendu.
For this particular semester, i applied to get a residential college in campus as I did in previous semester. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a spot. So I am a non-residence student. I am currently renting a house in a neigbourhood situated right in front of my campus(Slightly to the left, actually).
When I was first introduced to this house, the rate per head is RM185(includes water and electrical bills). All the way from Seremban, I went to the house to have a quick look with my dad. And nope, nope, definitely not what I was expecting for the price. The room was for two; no study table (there’s one but it’s meant for you to put your things, according to the landlord); no proper wardrobe (the one they prepared does not look like one at all. It’s the aluminum rack our grannies used back in those days to dry kitchen utensils. And it’s meant for two.) and two beds with metallic bed fra…

My 200th post.

The number of my hits is decreasing, month by month. It somehow makes me feel a lot safer that i can actually treat this blog like a little diary of mine, with the hope that not many will read.

For this 200th post, i would like to write something a tad bit special. A little bit more deep than what i used to write. Something that comes more from the heart than the brain; and straightforward. 

There are a lot of things that i have been keeping to myself -- been wanting to write 'em down but too lazy to grab a pen and a piece of paper. So here goes one of the things.

You might think that you've never crossed my mind, but the fact is, you cross my mind every single day. You pushed me away when i thought you'd be the last one to leave. But i stood strong, thinking maybe this friend of mine is going through a tough phase in life (or probably just growing up). I would wanna grow up with you. I waited and waited till this very day. Expecting calls/texts/tweets from you. You may think…

Eagle Eye

They think I am oblivious They think I am ignorant They think I am dumb
What they don’t know, I’ve been watching them Step by step Gesture by gesture Movement by movement Trying to understand their patterns
The same way I try to understand the ant language Recognizing people’s backgrounds at the gate of an airport Decipher the bird language
Complex. Yet interesting. Did you know?

Malaysia's 13th General Election

Not writing for following the trend, but because i want to speak out my mind.

I think i'm not the only Malaysian who supports BN for hating the fact that many PR supporters have been condemning BN. They talk like they have experienced leading a country.

Also, i am a UiTM student; a place where the students are solely bumis-- to ensure that we get the chance to study as well as other races. We're not that smart, that i can say. It kind of hurts me seeing some of the students here are not appreciating this opportunity and at the same time, rooting for the opposition. What bugs me more is that those people aren't in the elite group of the university! Have they ever wondered what happens if the opposition rules and opens the admission of the university to other races? Won't they get kicked out for being 'not smart enough' or reach the level of expectation?

Secondly, i certainly do not agree with the manifestos by the opposition. Abolishment of tolls and free education…

Questionnaire #2

1. If you can say something to your best friends before they die, what would it be?
   - They? Thank you for making it plural. You've made my work so much easier. Okay. I would say " I know you went through really hard times dealing with me whenever i'm all over High School Musical, Caprice, John Travolta, Grease and Superman. You are such noble people :)

2. What are the things that please you the most?
   - When my friends remind me to perform my prayers
   - When someone asks me out to lepak
   - When i'm cooking
   - When someone sings a song along with me
   - Caprice, High School Musical, Grease and John Travolta (i refuse to put these on different bullets because they are all at the level to me. :). )
   - When i get surprises. Good ones :)

3. If you could visit a place right now, this second, this minute, where would it be?
   - Make that two. Venice, Italy and South Africa.

4. If you could get superpowers, what would they be?
 - Telepathy and telekinesis. 

5. Dashboard C…
It is the semester break. I have been spending a lot of time in my room instead of working. Working has been one of my initial and most-looked-forward-to plans before this, but thinking of how my family has always been the 'last-minute-plan' people, i chose not to. 

I wonder if i'm the only one who does this or has ever been in this situation..

When i'm alone, i tend to think of the future or the past. Let's just say, i'm thinking of the past.

I would usually think of the bitter moments. Moments where i think i could have done better. Moments that i regret of doing some gestures. I'd only question myself on my behaviors that i regret. The whole scene will play again at the back of my mind. It kind of feels like the scene in Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows: Part 2 where Harry sees the whole life of Snape.

If i were to recall things that i regret in public, people would think that i'm crazy. Why? I tend to utter the improvised words that i would say out …

Checklist for this semester break!

I'm still alive and i'm still interested in writing. Just so you know.

I have this huge feeling telling me that i did pretty badly this term. Here's the thing. I don't think i am, and i will never be more academic than extra-curricular activity person. I will somehow someway focus on extra-curricular activities more than i will with my academics. 

This term, we have a subject called Principles of Managerial Communication (if i'm not mistaken). BUT we had to organise an event. And that's what i did. We organised an event called Festival Tradisional at Dataran Sungai Melaka, Melaka. For that, i (slightly) mis-prioritised things. Meetings almost the entire nights of the week, hence, my assignments were done at the eleventh hour. Hence, the low carry marks.

What's past is past. Keep moving forward.

I HAVE TO exercise every single day. Not saying that i want to lose weight! I just need to sweat. These few days i have been eating and sleeping macam kerbau and i don&#…

Truly random thoughts #1

Kalau tak boleh tolong orang, jangan susahkan orang.

Why do people bother and cause trouble to others and act like nothing happened? Don't they feel guilty at all?

I wish people could stop expecting so much from me. 

Why do elderlies expect us to go beyond our limits? What happened to the life cycle?

You were supposed to be my leader but you expect me to my own leader. 

When people are depressed, why do you still force them to get up when all they need is some time alone?

Why am i getting weaker?

Why do i feel like curling up myself at the corner of the room and do nothing?

Parenthood. (Written on February 21, 2013)

As i am writing, i am sitting on a bench at AG Sentral waiting for ticketing counter to open. Yes, it is my first time taking a bus back to Seremban. Practically. Since the last time i tried taking one, the bus left me. Sigh. 

Anyway! That's not what i'm trying to say.
A few minutes ago, i was on the phone with Zuriani. And as i was talking, a toddler aged around 4 years old who sat a few feet away from me was one hell of a loud kid. This place is an enclosed place. Hence, echoes. 
And stating the obvious, i was disturbed. The mother who sat next to him, asked him to keep it down. Once. And only once. Being a typical toddler, he kept screaming "Bus! Bus!" every time he sees one.
"Dude! We're at a bus terminal! Buses are everywhere! Can you keep it down?!" I yelled at him. 
Nahh, just kidding. I didn't. I wanted to, but i didn't. I ignored the kid afterwards. 
About 5 mins later, i heard his voice again. This time, he was crying out loud, standing in f…