New Semester

Since last month, i've attended weddings after weddings, and hey! It's a new term! Wait, i'll use the word 'semester'. 'Term' sounds so.... 'Bri'ish'. So.. hey! It's a new semester!

So for this semester, i got the same college, same building, same level, and no, not the same room. Opposite of my previous room. Bhahaha. Last semester i got the upper bunk bed. If you have never slept on the upper bunk bed, in an air-cond-less room, then let me tell you that IT IS REALLY HOT. So what we did was we brought the mattress down and slept on the floor.

Now the good news is, I GOT THE LOWER BUNK BED THIS SEMESTER! VICTORYYYY! Yes, more quality sleep this semester. Now, let's talk about the subjects. Let's see, 7 subjects including co-curricular activity. And yes, co-cu is a subject here. Don't ask. I have English, Agama, Communication Management, Writing for Mass Media, Interpersonal Communication and Sociology. 

Believe it or not, i'm looking forward for next semester because we'll have Psychology... Teehee. 

ps: Sorry for the dull post, man. I'm writing out of boredom and i feel responsible fir abandoning ze blog. Okay, bye. I love you.


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