I'm gonna miss you, 2012 :')

Once again, another memorable year is going to end in a few hours. Alhamdulillah, it was bearable. 

1.   Grassroots Malaysia was founded! Grassroots is a non-profit organization formed to contribute, gather and unite the youth of Malaysia. Hence, forming a community called Grassroots Community. Accepting any types of suggestions, collecting as many volunteers and making sure that the youth are united are what we aim to do. (Hence, if you have any suggestions, any events at all that you would want to hold that can gather the youth, just let us know and we'll help in any way possible.) Being a part of Grassroots is definitely a stepping stone for me. For the past events that i have handled myself or maybe getting myself involved in every step is one of the best experiences i have ever had. Yes, it was freakishly, utterly, uberly tough for someone who has zero knowledge in event management. But handling my own event at the age of 17, not everyone has that opportunity, you know.

2.  SPM results were announced! I didn't get straight As but i was expecting that kind of result. Obviously. When other students were bringing 5 revision books to school daily, i brought 2. Plus a DSLR and my laptop.

3.   My application to UiTM to pursue my Diploma in Mass Communication was accepted.

4.   First time staying in hostel! And also, my first time seeing Papa cried because of me. Sampai kita pun serba salah nak masuk asrama. Macam nak off-campus je.

5.   Studying in UiTM, as i mentioned in one of my previous posts, really is an eye-opener. When you think you suck, your gadgets, your clothes are all bogus there are hundreds of other students just like you who forsake just to lend their parents helping hands when it comes to finance. I admit, i was ungrateful before i got there. Whatever my parents gave me will never be enough! When i was about to get a MacBook from my father, i was hoping that he would give me a brand new one but he ended up giving me an old one. I was kinda disappointed.

However, after seeing how these kids sacrifice, what's so wrong about saving your own money and get it yourself?

2012 has taught me a lot. Thank you :)

We survived One Direction fever, Gangnam Style, and 21.12.2012. Ho yeahhhh! 


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