Comic Fiesta 2012!

Well, well, well.

We meet again, Comic Fiesta! Went to last year's CF. It was good! But it wasn't great. Too many Manga cosplayers that i don't even know of. Too many 'long, red haired Japanese nurses'.

However, this year's was superb and outstanding! It was definitely a remarkable event because it makes you feel like you're at Comic Con. The combination of the Japanese Animes, our childhood cartoon characters and super heroes was just..... perfect. I went there with Shakireen, Ema and Izzul. We bumped into Cuak there.

Yes, that's me, Izzul and Captain America.

(I tried my hardest to crop this picture and make me not look like i'm preggers.
Blame the hand. It shouldn't be there.)


Farah's Domo-kun.

Remember this? In case you have no idea who these characters are. Let me do the honour.
Ehem. They are from a cartoon called Slam Dunk. I grew up with it. I still remember watching it on Sunday morning on NTV7 when i was 8.
(Look at the girl in the picture, the one on the right. Ema didn't notice she was there, that's why she's cut in half. At least she still made it into the picture, no?)

Marvel's Storm and Deadpool.

No, they are not all DC. Only Impulse (right) and Robin (second from right)


DC's Batman and Green Lantern :D

Team DC :')

Well. Those are the only pictures that i can show you from Comic Fiesta 2012. Can't wait for Comic Fiesta 2013! 
See you there!

Wait. Wait. There's one more left. I'm saving the best for last.

Ladies and gentlemen. I present you....

Datuk Jimmy Choo


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