Budak yang nangis2 sebab nak pergi overseas.

I do not even follow this Jane Doe on twitter. But on this one fine day, quite a few weeks ago, i saw a bunch of my friends tweeted her, saying their farewells and all. So i went to Jane's Twitter page and read her tweets. Kawan dia sampai ada yang nangis la bagai. "I'm gonna miss you! :'( "

She even said she wanted to meet her friends for one last time because she's going abroad. Okay la kan. "Budak ni mesti migrate ni," i thought as a third person's point of view.

But a few minutes ago, i went to her page again, and BAAM! She went overseas for a vacation. And the vacay was less than a month. 

What's. With. All. The. Drama. *bitch slap*


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