Questionnaire #1

1) What's your favourite colour?
   - Brown or green.

2) What's your dream job?
   - A diplomat/ambassador. Or maybe a lawyer.

3) First concert?
   - Haha! That's a good one. I'm not a concert type of person unless i am really into the celebrities or programme. But back to the question, it would be High School Musical : Summer Celebration back in 2009. Yeah, go rub it on my face later.

4) Any names for your future kids?
   - Kinda too early for this, don't you think? But i do have some names in mind though. Haha. I would want my kids to be named Megat, Iskandar, or Muzaffar. 

5) Any dream destination for vacation?
   -I have aaaalways wanted to go to Italy. Always.

6) Do you want any tattoos?
   - No. The last time i wore inai was back when i was 7, for all it matters. Never worn nail polish my whole life. I prefer things as it is, actually.

7) How tall are you?
   - You mean 'how short'? I'm a 5'4".

8) Are you pure Malay?
   - I'm a bowl of Indonesian, a pinch of Bugis and a dash of Chinese.

9) Ever asked a guy for his number?
   - My close friends, yes. To flirt with ; no. 

10) Peace or chaos?
   - Peace. Some places are too busy and chaotic till you can't even think. Blergh.


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