Did it ever come across your mind that the worse person you've ever known goes to heaven earlier than you do?

Let's try something. Do as i say. Think of anyone, anyone, anyone at all that you hate the most. Or maybe the worst creature that you've ever known. Politicians, maybe? Maybe someone who had done something so bad that (s)he had done something so bad that could not be forgiven by mankind?
To make it easier, think of someone who is:

Done with step one? Good.

Step Two.
Does (s)he have a lot of enemies? Is (s)he being hated by tonnes of other people?
I hope (s)he is. It's easier to explain.

Step Three.
If (s)he is famous, can you imagine how many people would be talking trash about him/her right now? Just imagine the number of people. If (s)he is a politician, it can reach up to triple digits in a second, ey? What more if that person messes with a lot of people. Bankruptcy, misuse of public funds. Wow, wow, wow.

Step Four.
"Backbiting is a worse sin than adultery." - Muhammad SAW.
It is further explained in a saying of the Prophet (SAS) - "Allah may forgive a person if he/she repents after committing adultery. However, Allah will not forgive the one who backbites, till his/her victim forgives him/her."

In the most logical thinking, who do you personally think steps into heaven first? Go figure.


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