Reaching for the stars.

I am not a bookworm nor i even have the passion to read. Regardless, of how best-selling the book is to me, it will just be another pieces of paper with some words for me.

My type of book is always the one that is based on true story or motivational books because i just can't stand it when the story line doesn't go the way i want it. Blergh. I have read a few Sophie Kinsellas and they failed to impress me. And my whole life, i have only read ONE Malay novel successfully. And by successfully, it means 'reading it page by page'. And it still failed to impress me either.

Reaching for the Stars is a book i bought years ago. Those were the days when i wouldn't even think of spending a penny on story books. My passion has always been with history and books which will give me some life-long lessons. This book stood out. And so i bought it.

Reaching for the Stars.

No matter how far you go, no matter how high you fly, to the ground you will fall someday. That is what i learnt. Dato' Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor was at the peak of his career. And by peak, i mean PEAK. He was in the space, for God's sake. The whole world was watching him. He was making his parents proud, Seremban, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia, and even Asia! But then again, the table will not always be on your side.

Allah is Just. After every ups, there will be some lows.

And that's what happened. He lost his brother before he could reach Malaysia. His brother.

Lesson learnt. Therefore, never be too happy and comfortable at any point of your life. You WILL get out of the comfort zone, somehow, someway. Everything is well-written for you. That is my greatest fear, man. I have gotten three of my carry marks for the semester. I am scared to death. One is Alhamdulillah, very satisfying; one is okaayyy-lah; one is not so good. Thinking of the very satisfying one, I'm worried of what may come. 

Will the future still be on my side or the sky is starting to get cloudy? What is ahead? Will Allah be giving me challenges that will be too hard for me? Will it be easy? I don't know. 


Yanie Zakaria said…
My dear, Allah will never test us beyond our capabilities for He knows what's best for us :)

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