Have you ever felt that the whole world is going against you?
When you feel like you have no one to turn to.
Even the person whom you trust the most
Turns his/her back on you.
Who will you find?

The place that you feel the safest, the worst
Runaway. Leave. Be gone.
I just wanna put everything behind me.
What did I do? God gracious!
I know I’ve never done anything so bad
That I deserve to be treated this way
I know a person who has done something
Freaking way too bad than anything I’ve ever done
Guess guess guess.
She’s treated better.

I know I’m not perfect
I’m aware of that
But who are thou
Staring into someone’s eyes
And talk about their imperfections?
Who are thou to bring someone down?
Who are thou, pretending like nothing ever happened?
Who are thou?


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