Answer me.

Have you ever wanted to be something you're not?

Have you ever wanted to impress someone so bad?

Have you ever wanted to just bust a move and get out of the friendzone?

Have you ever dreamt of being a little bit more glamourous? 

Have you chosen a place where you would wanna stay when you grow up?

Have you ever tried to keep your mouth shut because you just talk too much?

Do you remember the days when you tried so bad to stop cursing because you curse too much?

Have you ever felt that you're so poor and wanna get outta school just to get more cash?

Have you ever been so down because you're invisible?

Have you ever cried because you think you're so short and your crush won't like you?

Ever feared of being rejected?

Where are you now?

I have uncountable amount of bad habits that i have got to get rid of. At some points, i feel like i'm the worst living creature setting foot on this planet.


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