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arrogant |ˈarəgənt| adjectivehaving or revealingan exaggerated sense of one's own importance or abilities : he's arrogant and opinionated | a typically arrogant assumption.
Arrogance is not showing off. Arrogance is when you feel too good about yourself and you feel like you’re on a whole different level than people from your surroundings. You know, I just can’t stand arrogance. Most people develop their arrogance when they come from a wealthy family. Some of them don’t even come from a wealthy family. That, I don’t get. What makes you so different than anyone else? What rights do you possess that allows you to look down on people? Your wealth: Jerk, you don’t even own the money! Your parents earn the money and gave ‘em to you! You don’t even know how to earn money! Brat, I know that if I ditch you by the roadside alone, you would just sit there and do nothing instead of trying to survive! Frankly, I’ve met tones of other people who are much, much, much richer than you and are so…


Answer me.

Have you ever wanted to be something you're not?

Have you ever wanted to impress someone so bad?

Have you ever wanted to just bust a move and get out of the friendzone?

Have you ever dreamt of being a little bit more glamourous? 

Have you chosen a place where you would wanna stay when you grow up?

Have you ever tried to keep your mouth shut because you just talk too much?

Do you remember the days when you tried so bad to stop cursing because you curse too much?

Have you ever felt that you're so poor and wanna get outta school just to get more cash?

Have you ever been so down because you're invisible?

Have you ever cried because you think you're so short and your crush won't like you?

Ever feared of being rejected?

Where are you now?

I have uncountable amount of bad habits that i have got to get rid of. At some points, i feel like i'm the worst living creature setting foot on this planet.

Word of the day : Fuck.

I used to censor the word 'fuck' in all of my posts, but this time, i won't. Because i'm clearly writing about it.

Fuck. What does it mean to you? When you come across this word, do you think of it as having sexual intercourse or as an expression of anger? I assume most of you would pick the second one. As an expression of anger.

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According to any sort of dictionary in this whole wide world, aside from the meaning of have sexual intercourse, it will always mean 'an expression of anger' or so. I'm sure that it won't say 'an expression of happiness, joy or impressed'. So why do you use it excessively?
Why do you have to use that word in every sentence? Even during the supercalifragilistic moments, you still wanna use it too? I just don't get it. Do you feel proud using that word? Do you feel that you're on a whole new level comparing to others? Is it fun?
I honestly don't mind you using that word when you&#…