This is for you, Naim.

I was thinking of abandoning this blog *again* due to these few hectic weeks. I've been trying to spare some time to update my blog, but i just couldn't.

The typical first few weeks of college life - filled with inductions, duty levels, college meetings, and some compulsary events for the new intakes. And to top it all -my brother just got engaged yesterday :)

These past few weeks HAD been hectic. Period. But i think from this week onwards things are settling down *i hope so*. No more inductions *yay!*, only some cheering and dancing practices.

But someone boosted my spirit up few days ago. From a dying old blogger to a freshman in this Blogger High School. His name is Adam Naim Razaleigh.

I called my friend Ema just now to force her to watch Coldplay's concert on Fox but she's at a friend's house. Then,

"Eh Rina! I met your friend here. Adam Naim?"
"Oh yes! Can i speak to him?!"
"Sure, kejap."
*passes the phone to someone*

"Hi Rina! U belajar dekat mana sekarang?"
"UiTM Melaka. Mass comm."
"Oh okay. Hey Rina.."
"I miss you.."
"Awww, i miss you too. We should catch up with each other later!"
"Yup. And hey, please do update your blog! You dah lama tak blog kan?"
"Tu la, i've been really busy lately. But i'll update it soon, alright?"

The conversation went something like that.

I've known him since i was 10 years old. We've never been in the same class, but boy, we're still close. I was a librarian when i was 12, along with another friend of mine, Syazana. We would sell books during recess and usually, we couldn't make it for breakfast.

To make it up to our growling tummies, we would *haha* take Naim's breakfast he brought from home and give him some money. It's like we're buying his homemade breakfast! From the money we gave him, he would buy some food and eat with us at our booth.

Hahh, those good old days :)

Every single time i feel like abandoning this blog, coincidentally, he would tell me how he loves my blog. It's like he can read my mind! Hence, i keep posting things here. Haven't met him for months. I miss him already.


Unknown said…
rina... this is sho shweet!!!
Gambit said…
No worries. I really do miss you, though :)

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