Ramadhan, welcome!

As i'm writing this, i'm lying on my bed, with my laptop on my lap, suffering from sore-throat, flu, cough, phlegm and fever.

At home, in Seremban.

I have been having sore-throat after i drank that shitty Iced Lemon Tea by Drinho (Tuesday). I felt it was too sour and bitter too. Followed by some other illnesses. Oh great. I woke up every 2 hours that night just to get some tissue and blow my nose!

In the morning(wednesday morning), I woke up at 8.34 and head straight to Unit Kesihatan to, i don't know, get some drugs, MC, drips, whatever that is needed to make me feel better. I was pretty sure i'm not getting any drugs though, looking through my allergies-in-drugs list. A bottle of sodium chloride would do. Buutttt! As i got into Unit Kesihatan, filled in my allergies form, went into the doctor's room...
"Irina, awak demam ni, saya nak kasi apa ni? Semua ubat awak allergic. Saya nak try and error ubat, takut nanti awak allergic. Habis tu biasanya awak demam doctor awak buat apa? Drip je? Hish. Macam ni la. Saya kasi awak cuti, awak balik Negeri Sembilan boleh? Saya kasi awak MC 3 hari. Awak balik je la ye? Puasa dekat sana sekali."


For the three-day MC, i'll be skipping my Public Speaking, BM, Computer Science, Agama and English classes.

And, oh hey! Ramadhan's coming! :D

It's gonna be something to miss though, not fasting at home :/. Sahur, berbuka, terawih, mercun at home. Le sigh. Entah apa laaa kita nak makan dekat kolej nanti. Sahur punn, entah terjaga entah tidak. Makan punn, makan maggi je kot? Harap2 tak miss sahur la kan? Dah la fakulti nuuunnnn dekat atas bukit. Mana nak dapat energy, cik kak?

And since my high school friends are separated and none of us are studying at the same college, we're planning our iftar together :D. That's what we ALWAYS do every year. I miss you guys already!

KHAININA KHALIL - Diploma in Interior Design (UiTM Seri Iskandar)
NUR FARAH AHMAD - Foundation in Architecture (IIUM)
SITI ZURIANI ZAKARIA - Foundation in Agricultural Science (UPM)
NUR HANA ARIFFIN - Foundation in Physical Sciences
IRDA AMELIA SUHAIMI - Psychology (Some community college in Connecticut in the fall)
NUR AIN ZAHARIN - Foundation in Agricultural Science (UPM)

These are the people that i remember for now. Can't wait for iftar this year :*


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