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Haha, Hana looks like she's dancing in the second picture :D

Ramadhan, welcome!

As i'm writing this, i'm lying on my bed, with my laptop on my lap, suffering from sore-throat, flu, cough, phlegm and fever.

At home, in Seremban.

I have been having sore-throat after i drank that shitty Iced Lemon Tea by Drinho (Tuesday). I felt it was too sour and bitter too. Followed by some other illnesses. Oh great. I woke up every 2 hours that night just to get some tissue and blow my nose!

In the morning(wednesday morning), I woke up at 8.34 and head straight to Unit Kesihatan to, i don't know, get some drugs, MC, drips, whatever that is needed to make me feel better. I was pretty sure i'm not getting any drugs though, looking through my allergies-in-drugs list. A bottle of sodium chloride would do. Buutttt! As i got into Unit Kesihatan, filled in my allergies form, went into the doctor's room...
"Irina, awak demam ni, saya nak kasi apa ni? Semua ubat awak allergic. Saya nak try and error ubat, takut nanti awak allergic. Habis tu biasanya awak demam doctor…

This is for you, Naim.

I was thinking of abandoning this blog *again* due to these few hectic weeks. I've been trying to spare some time to update my blog, but i just couldn't.
The typical first few weeks of college life - filled with inductions, duty levels, college meetings, and some compulsary events for the new intakes. And to top it all -my brother just got engaged yesterday :)
These past few weeks HAD been hectic. Period. But i think from this week onwards things are settling down *i hope so*. No more inductions *yay!*, only some cheering and dancing practices.
But someone boosted my spirit up few days ago. From a dying old blogger to a freshman in this Blogger High School. His name is Adam Naim Razaleigh.
I called my friend Ema just now to force her to watch Coldplay's concert on Fox but she's at a friend's house. Then,
"Eh Rina! I met your friend here. Adam Naim?" "Oh yes! Can i speak to him?!" "Sure, kejap." *passes the phone to someone*