What is this sorcery. It sucks.

I'm gonna start my first ever blog post with a hate post.

  1. I'm dedicating this post to some of the ladies i know at UiTM. Could be my roommate or my classmate.
  2. I hate people who walk away when (s)he's talking to me. Ultimate rudeness. Mintak kaki aku.
  3. I hate people touching my stuff without my permission. 
  5. Do not come near me or talk to me 24/7 when you know we will never get along.
  6. Do not touch my clothes.
  7. When i gave you the permission to use my laptop, do not load some shitty videos. I'm using broadband, for crying out loud. HAVE SOME MERCY.
  8. Makan perlahan2. Jangan kunyah macam kunyah chewing gum. Kau makan nasi, sial. Nasi pun bising ke?!
  9. If the joke is not even funny, you don't have to laugh like you're dying. No one asked you to fake a laugh. That's called being stupid. What are you -- brain-dead?!
  10. Too many bimbos. 
I miss my school, man. Seriously, i really miss my school. I now know that even the biggest loser back in my school is smarter than some kids out here. This place is full of bimbos, nitwits, jocks, wild kids - the kids who just got their freedom. The kids who just have to go out every freaking night.

There are some kids who are trying to get along. You know, the ones who just HAVE TO BORROW HER FRIENDS CLOTHES TO LOOK GOOD? In short -- plastics.

Varsity is a new life, man. And you're here to study. It's not a fashion show. It's not Pavi. And it's not KLCC. Who are you trying to impress huh? I don't know what's in your head.

You're just full of shit. Real shit.


Unknown said…
wow! you must have grow some balls rina.. yup! they have to borrow some clothes... to impressed the lecturer... you know... bimbos...
Gambit said…
She wanted to borrow my clothes that i wear to classes, to go out to town! Dekat UiTM ni banyak sangat bimbos. I've definitely grown some balls. No doubt about that. Tak tahan dekat sini. :/ But things are starting to get better day by day. Hopefully everything will go the way i want it soon :)

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