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To be behind/in front of the camera?

In a production of movie, there will be someone who's in front of the camera (public's eye) and someone who stays behind the camera. Unless if the project is a solo project. 
Mat Luthfi/Niga Higa/Kev Jumba; the vloggers, for example. Self-written script, self-recorded, self-edited.Wow, forever alone nya.

Let's take a production of a movie for an instance. A director of a movie and the cast of the movie. For High School Musical (excuse my addiction of High School Musical). Kenny Ortega, the director and Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Tisdale, Lucas Grabeel, etc.


What do you get if you're the person in front of the camera? Well, you get the fame of course. If the production is a success, you get the compliments. People would say "Zac Efron's High School Musical" right, instead of "Kenny Ortega's High School Musical"? Precisely. And it's definitely the head start of your career. You can be a diva. Just scream 'Ore…

Think about it.

Just something to ponder about.


I surprised tonnes of people when i said i'm going to UiTM to do my Diploma. The same question i have been answering for the past few weeks was 
I have decided myself a few months back that i was gonna do my A-levels at Taylor's College. I have even selected the subject already! But on second thought, i was pretty sure that i really wanna do mass communication. So why wasting time, doing A-levels?

Because UPU only offered UiTM's diploma for mass comm? Seriously. Only ONE out of hundreds of IPTAs in Malaysia offers mass comm to SPM leavers.

Tu la pasal. I was indecisive before UPU result was released. Dah nak enroll, tapi tak tau dekat mana.
The University of Nottingham - BA International Communicatioins Studies with Film and Television Studies.Taylor's College                   - A-levels.APIIT                                 - Media Informatics.I don't know the quality of these varsitayyss. They sound …


This post is about *duhh* DC and Marvel characters. If you don't know about the characters that much and would be watching the Avengers anytime soon, please do read before you make a fool of yourself. Thank you.

I went to watch The Avengers on May 29. This post is inspired by a brilliant young man who wore a Superman t-shirt while watching The Avengers that time. Man.. You gotta be grateful that there weren't many Marvel fans at the cinema. 

Let me tell you something. You might not think that it's that big of a deal wearing a Superman t-shirt to watch The Avengers, but what would you do if you're a huge fan of Lord of the Rings, the cinema is PACKED of LOTR fans and you're gonna watch, let's say, The Return of the King, and someone stepped into the cinema, wearing a Twilight t-shirt? I know i'd be like, "Excuse me, sir. I wouldn't want your face to be covered by popcorn and some soda. I personally advise you to change your shirt for your own safety.&…