Fashion Week.

It's beyond your wildest dream kan that i actually went to see a fashion show?

Memang pun. Truth be told, i went to Mid Valley on Thursday for a brief meeting with my aunt and cousins on our next event. I arrived at 12.30, meeting ended at 2. Kejap gila. Not knowing what to do, we checked out the showtimes of Battleship at GSC since Shakireen haven't watched it yet *alasan. We bought tickets for the 4.15pm show. If possible, we wanna watch it at Signature at Gardens. Comfier. Tapi tengah bulan la dik. Poket kosong.

The movie ended at about 7 and we had our dinner first before we head home. From the North Court to South Court we *duhh had to pass  by the centre court.

So there's this fashion show at centre court. It happened to be a fashion week here at Mid Valley.
Mula2 macam, "Fashion show? By Female magazine? Nahh, i think i'll pass."
But then i heard Daphne Iking's voice and Hafiz's.

"Shakireen! There's an empty spot here!"

Daphne Iking's so stunninggg!!

Alyah performing The One That Got Away

There was Sean Lee too! Before this fashion show, i never knew he existed. He's a beatboxer, Malaysian. He went to a beatboxing competition in Berlin and guess what? He's number 1 beatboxer in Asia and 4th in the world! I was impressed myself when he performed. He's just so good la wey. I recorded the video but it's too heavy that Blogger won't support it.

I'll try and upload it on YouTube and i'll let you watch, aite? Cheers! :)


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