Battleship : 12/10!

Le me just got back from watching this movie.


Okay, let me tell you something. When i first heard of 'Battleship', I thought that it's just another ordinary intergalactic war. Star Wars or Star Trek-ish. Truth be told, i've never watched Star Wars or Star Trek because it sounds too fictional. But if you can guarantee that it's just like Battleship, i can watch it in no time.

Till now, i've never watched the trailer. At all. So my first impression in this movie memang takde langsung. Zero. When my brother wanted to take us (my sister and i) for a movie, i picked Mirror Mirror because there's Julia Roberts. But le brother was like "Alaa Snow White". When we arrived at MBO, i saw the humongous poster, ada pulak Rihanna. Le me don't know why. Le me don't like Rihanna. I HATE her, to be precise.

Brother punya pasal, i just gave it a shot. No harm. Kalau cerita tak sedap, keluar je la wayang kan? Apa susah.

I stand corrected. Cerita dia gila babs punya best wey. 12/10! It'd be better if it's in 3D, but there's none. Sumpah best gila. Tahap yang nak mencarut sampai calon mentua confirm reject punya.

I can guarantee, after you've watched this movie, you mesti downgrade NYPD punya la. "Apa kelas NYPD/CSI? Navy laa!!"

If you're in the period of feeling all dumb because none of your knowledge is being tested or you don't learn anything intellectual, then this is the right movie for ya. Especially when they said that the distinct object can't be detected because it's made up of unknown atoms which isn't in the periodic table and they applied some methods from 'The Art of War' by Sun Tzu. And and and, they also applied the water displacement method and the principle of inertia.

So i've made up my mind. I'm going to Mid Valley tomorrow for a meeting on our upcoming event, lepas tu pergi GSC or Signatures dekat Gardens for another round of Battleship.

Okay dah. Lepas ni tak payah 24/7 tengok Bones just to make you feel that your knowledge on Chemistry is being tested.


Unknown said…
rina... you watched bones just to get your chemistry knowledge tested??

p/s : me too... but usually change the channel after a few minutes because dah pening... hahah...
Gambit said…
Oh, i loveeee Bones! For the chemistry knowledge, yeah, at times :)
Gambit said…
Sorry for the late reply. I tak perasan ada comment :p

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