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Fashion Week.

It's beyond your wildest dream kan that i actually went to see a fashion show?

Memang pun. Truth be told, i went to Mid Valley on Thursday for a brief meeting with my aunt and cousins on our next event. I arrived at 12.30, meeting ended at 2. Kejap gila. Not knowing what to do, we checked out the showtimes of Battleship at GSC since Shakireen haven't watched it yet *alasan. We bought tickets for the 4.15pm show. If possible, we wanna watch it at Signature at Gardens. Comfier. Tapi tengah bulan la dik. Poket kosong.

The movie ended at about 7 and we had our dinner first before we head home. From the North Court to South Court we *duhh had to pass  by the centre court.

So there's this fashion show at centre court. It happened to be a fashion week here at Mid Valley.
Mula2 macam, "Fashion show? By Female magazine? Nahh, i think i'll pass."
But then i heard Daphne Iking's voice and Hafiz's.

"Shakireen! There's an empty spot here!"

Daphne Iking'…

Battleship : 12/10!

Le me just got back from watching this movie.


Okay, let me tell you something. When i first heard of 'Battleship', I thought that it's just another ordinary intergalactic war. Star Wars or Star Trek-ish. Truth be told, i've never watched Star Wars or Star Trek because it sounds too fictional. But if you can guarantee that it's just like Battleship, i can watch it in no time.

Till now, i've never watched the trailer. At all. So my first impression in this movie memang takde langsung. Zero. When my brother wanted to take us (my sister and i) for a movie, i picked Mirror Mirror because there's Julia Roberts. But le brother was like "Alaa Snow White". When we arrived at MBO, i saw the humongous poster, ada pulak Rihanna. Le me don't know why. Le me don't like Rihanna. I HATE her, to be precise.

Brother punya pasal, i just gave it a shot. No harm. Kalau cerita tak sedap, keluar je la wayang kan? Apa susah.

I stand corrected. Cerita dia g…

ABPBH 2012

After awhile not watching TV and stuck on 9gag, i finally got out of my shell, padahal keluar bilik je pun, and tune on to TV3 to watch Anugerah Bintang Popular. 

Now kids, when i say i got out of my shell, doesn't mean, i turned off my laptop and left it in my room. I took the laptop out with me and opened a new tab to Twitter. Yes, Tweedr. Sambil tengok, sambil tweet. That's what we on twitville do. Criticise people's dresses, people's voices macam kitorang ni Joan Rivers or Simon Cowell. Bakat terpendam ni woi! Bila tengok award shows macam ni, out goes the Dress Nazis, the Voice Nazis. You name any type of Nazis.

Celebrating the 25th anniversary of Anugerah Bintang Popular Berita Harian, hands down, the best ABPBH yet. Pay no heed to Wan Maimunah's hat, it's definitely the best rendition of songs back at my time. Not saying that i'm that old yet! But hey, ya really think that 10 year olds right now even know Sheila Majid? Or maybe Isabella by Amy Search? …

Sharing problems.

Event managing is not an easy job. Especially when you're not even trained or went through an internship to see how things are supposed to be in places.

Stressful life so far. Mostly, i have to be doing everything by myself because the team can't seem to be doing anything like a team. You know, the normal it's-not-my-job-it's-his thing. I'm used to this kinda shit. Joining the school's editorial board was one of the best decision i've ever made. They gave me life changing lesson:

"People can act shitty all they want, but at the end of the day, you just gotta clean up their shit and pretend like nothing happened. Just be nice to people. But one fine day, they'll have a price to pay. Believe in karma. AnThat's life."

I don't get it why people nowadays won't be doing something without a putting any number on the table. What happened to sincerity and charity? Without mentioning a single damn word about cash, you just snapped with