Part 2 of Johanna & Hafidz's Wedding : The Reception

Mai che habaq kat hang. Che sebeno-benonya dah maleh nak mampuih nak tulis pasai wedding. Tapi pasal che sekarang dok menebalkan lemak ja di rumah, che pon dah mati kutu (bak kata Panic), che kotakan lah janji che.

Untuk menghabiskan part2 lain wedding yang belum tertulis. Dan part ni pun part yang terseronok dan meriah antara semua.

The wedding reception, obviously, would be more grand than the solemnization itself. So it was held at Putrajaya International Convention Centre. Capacity of people about, umm, tak tau. Zoom in. Do the math.

Yeah, it's a kinda huge wedding. They even had rehearsals twice before the real thing starts. Families arrived at 7 while the guests arrived around 8. 

See the girls in traditional outfits? Those are the dancers. I like the fact that they performed numbers of Negeri Sembilan's signature songs like Tari Tualang Tiga and some other songs. I can't recall. Sorry :p

One thing that i really like about the wedding is all the music that i could possibly hear came from this band up here. Any music, you name it. From the music for the dances all the way to the background music during the cake cutting ceremony. Being me, means if i go to an event, i would look for the PA system section. Just wanna see how organised and stylish/'powerful'/sophisticated their equipments are. Patutla tak jumpa. 

And one more thing that i super-duper like about the wedding is they hired CST Production. 


I wanted to secretly, stalking-ly snap a picture of the people and the equipments, tapi takut nanti diorang cakap "Jakun apa budak ni?" Padahal memang betul pun kan.

Azizah Ariffin as the emcee


Le me with le cousins

Ze food. It wasn't great.

The most unforgettable part of this event, is believe it or not, the Joget Lambak session. Haha. Frankly speaking, i've never joined a joget lambak before this. Never in my entire life. I BARELY knew what Joget Lambak is. 

Wanna know how fun it is? 

Ceremony : 8 till 10.15
Joget Lambak : 10.15 till 12.30

  1. Our relatives who came all the way from Padang, Indonesia took the stage. Sang some authentic Minangkabau song. 
  2. The hired dancers from UPSI started cracking some moves, danced to the beat.
  3. The Azman family started going to the empty spot in front of stage and shook to the beat.
  4. The dancers and Atuk Aslim (relative from Padang) started going into the crowd and pulled some people to the dancefloor.
  5. Atuk Aslim came to me and said something like "Rina, young lady, you've got to dance"
  6. I lost to the pressure given by the family and joined in.
  7. Ada poco-poco. Apa lagi? "Kanan! Kanan! Kiri! Kiri!" I was the champion. Thanks to the school's senamrobik. I'm a pro.

Alright, folks, i know my 'loghat utara' sucks. It is not my forte, alright? NOT. Just scratch that part from your memory.


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