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3-month holiday doing nothing at home.

It's January 25. Which means my 'maid' term at home will expire in roughly a week.
Damn I'm bored.
And i'm watching iCarly because i can't find the link of Bones S7 on
I don't know what to post about.


Part 2 of Johanna & Hafidz's Wedding : The Reception

Mai che habaq kat hang. Che sebeno-benonya dah maleh nak mampuih nak tulis pasai wedding. Tapi pasal che sekarang dok menebalkan lemak ja di rumah, che pon dah mati kutu (bak kata Panic), che kotakan lah janji che.

Untuk menghabiskan part2 lain wedding yang belum tertulis. Dan part ni pun part yang terseronok dan meriah antara semua.

The wedding reception, obviously, would be more grand than the solemnization itself. So it was held at Putrajaya International Convention Centre. Capacity of people about, umm, tak tau. Zoom in. Do the math.

Yeah, it's a kinda huge wedding. They even had rehearsals twice before the real thing starts. Families arrived at 7 while the guests arrived around 8. 

See the girls in traditional outfits? Those are the dancers. I like the fact that they performed numbers of Negeri Sembilan's signature songs like Tari Tualang Tiga and some other songs. I can't recall. Sorry :p
One thing that i really like about the wedding is all the music that i could po…