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I'm gonna miss you, 2012 :')

Once again, another memorable year is going to end in a few hours. Alhamdulillah, it was bearable. 

1.   Grassroots Malaysia was founded! Grassroots is a non-profit organization formed to contribute, gather and unite the youth of Malaysia. Hence, forming a community called Grassroots Community. Accepting any types of suggestions, collecting as many volunteers and making sure that the youth are united are what we aim to do. (Hence, if you have any suggestions, any events at all that you would want to hold that can gather the youth, just let us know and we'll help in any way possible.) Being a part of Grassroots is definitely a stepping stone for me. For the past events that i have handled myself or maybe getting myself involved in every step is one of the best experiences i have ever had. Yes, it was freakishly, utterly, uberly tough for someone who has zero knowledge in event management. But handling my own event at the age of 17, not everyone has that opportunity, you know.
2.  SPM…

Comic Fiesta 2012!

Well, well, well.

We meet again, Comic Fiesta! Went to last year's CF. It was good! But it wasn't great. Too many Manga cosplayers that i don't even know of. Too many 'long, red haired Japanese nurses'.

However, this year's was superb and outstanding! It was definitely a remarkable event because it makes you feel like you're at Comic Con. The combination of the Japanese Animes, our childhood cartoon characters and super heroes was just..... perfect. I went there with Shakireen, Ema and Izzul. We bumped into Cuak there.

Yes, that's me, Izzul and Captain America.

LOOK! IT'S KAL-EL! AHHHHHH! (I tried my hardest to crop this picture and make me not look like i'm preggers. Blame the hand. It shouldn't be there.)

Farah's Domo-kun.
Remember this? In case you have no idea who these characters are. Let me do the honour. Ehem. They are from a cartoon called Slam Dunk. I grew up with it. I still remember watching it on Sunday morning on …

Budak yang nangis2 sebab nak pergi overseas.

I do not even follow this Jane Doe on twitter. But on this one fine day, quite a few weeks ago, i saw a bunch of my friends tweeted her, saying their farewells and all. So i went to Jane's Twitter page and read her tweets. Kawan dia sampai ada yang nangis la bagai. "I'm gonna miss you! :'( "

She even said she wanted to meet her friends for one last time because she's going abroad. Okay la kan. "Budak ni mesti migrate ni," i thought as a third person's point of view.

But a few minutes ago, i went to her page again, and BAAM! She went overseas for a vacation. And the vacay was less than a month. 

What's. With. All. The. Drama. *bitch slap*

Self-Esteem is sinking.

Isn't it ironic how mass communication is supposed to boost your self-esteem but mine just rapidly sinking? 

It is down to the level where i'm even afraid to tweet anything.

"If i tweet this, would it offend anyone?"
"Is this tweet too deep?"
"What if someone is stalking my tweets and using everything to go against me?"
"Is this a form of bragging?"

That's why if you noticed, i often retweet than tweet.
I keep comparing the better people to myself. They are doing really well in life. They are living because they want to live. I am living because it is haram to commit suicide. Am i?
When i look at myself in the mirror, i'd think of how hideous i am. Well, 'how less perfect' actually. Sebenarnya tak elok kan cakap sesuatu benda tu buruk? Kita ni ciptaan Allah jugak. Macam mengutuk ciptaan dia pulak.

I'm at the fragile state. One word from you, and i might just lock myself in a dirty, dusty room, and sit at a corner and reminisce…

New Semester

Since last month, i've attended weddings after weddings, and hey! It's a new term! Wait, i'll use the word 'semester'. 'Term' sounds so.... 'Bri'ish'. So.. hey! It's a new semester!
So for this semester, i got the same college, same building, same level, and no, not the same room. Opposite of my previous room. Bhahaha. Last semester i got the upper bunk bed. If you have never slept on the upper bunk bed, in an air-cond-less room, then let me tell you that IT IS REALLY HOT. So what we did was we brought the mattress down and slept on the floor.
Now the good news is, I GOT THE LOWER BUNK BED THIS SEMESTER! VICTORYYYY! Yes, more quality sleep this semester. Now, let's talk about the subjects. Let's see, 7 subjects including co-curricular activity. And yes, co-cu is a subject here. Don't ask. I have English, Agama, Communication Management, Writing for Mass Media, Interpersonal Communication and Sociology. 
Believe it or not, i'm lo…

Fear is not a factor :D

Jika disimpan dalam-dalam, dipendam, kemudian sembur dekat semua orang sebab tak puas hati, jadi dosa pulak kan? Mengumpat.

Apa lagi.

Tarik keluar hati tu, potong cebisan nama dia, baling dalam sungai. Lepas tu jerit! Jerit! Jerit kepuasan! Biar semua hidupan berdiri! Tepuk tangan untuk kita!

I did what i have been wanting to do for months! I didn't do it because i feared of losing a friend. But hey, Jane Doe is not even a friend anymore to begin with ;)

And i guess it's true what they say. Every time you get into a relationship, you lose two friends in average. So start counting, my friends :)

Quote of the day by Yours Truly

p/s: xoxo bitch :)

Questionnaire #1

1) What's your favourite colour?
   - Brown or green.

2) What's your dream job?
 - A diplomat/ambassador. Or maybe a lawyer.

3) First concert?
 - Haha! That's a good one. I'm not a concert type of person unless i am really into the celebrities or programme. But back to the question, it would be High School Musical : Summer Celebration back in 2009. Yeah, go rub it on my face later.

4) Any names for your future kids?
 - Kinda too early for this, don't you think? But i do have some names in mind though. Haha. I would want my kids to be named Megat, Iskandar, or Muzaffar. 

5) Any dream destination for vacation?
   -I have aaaalways wanted to go to Italy. Always.

6) Do you want any tattoos?
   - No. The last time i wore inai was back when i was 7, for all it matters. Never worn nail polish my whole life. I prefer things as it is, actually.

7) How tall are you?
 - You mean 'how short'? I'm a 5'4".

8) Are you pure Malay?
   - I'm a bowl of Indonesian, a pinch…



What's past is past, to the future shall we be focused on.
But that doesn't mean that we don't have to ask for forgiveness from Him for our past wrong-doings, kids.

We're on a brand new page right now!
Don't screw it like we did last year.

Yes, I, myself have some resolutions to achieve this, but i'll keep it to myself ;)


Did it ever come across your mind that the worse person you've ever known goes to heaven earlier than you do?

Let's try something. Do as i say. Think of anyone, anyone, anyone at all that you hate the most. Or maybe the worst creature that you've ever known. Politicians, maybe? Maybe someone who had done something so bad that (s)he had done something so bad that could not be forgiven by mankind?
To make it easier, think of someone who is:

Done with step one? Good.

Step Two.
Does (s)he have a lot of enemies? Is (s)he being hated by tonnes of other people?
I hope (s)he is. It's easier to explain.

Step Three.
If (s)he is famous, can you imagine how many people would be talking trash about him/her right now? Just imagine the number of people. If (s)he is a politician, it can reach up to triple digits in a second, ey? What more if that person messes with a lot of people. Bankruptcy, misuse of public funds. Wow, wow, wow.

Step Four.


Cikgu kata 'hati kena baik'
Kita pun berbaik-baik lah dengan orang
Jangan busuk hati
Jauhkan hasad dengki
Kalau kita tengah senang, kita ajak dia
Biar dia jadi kawan kita masa senang dan susah.

Cikgu kata 'biar orang pijak kita, jangan kita pijak orang'
Tak semena-menanya dia pijak kita
Bukanlah secara harafiah, secara psikologi
Dia ada nampak cahaya
Cahaya yang boleh mencerahkan masa depan
Dia telan sorang-sorang

Bukan cahaya yang kuinginkan
Bukan masa depan yang kuimpikan
'It's the thought that counts'
Tau apa ertinya? Look it up.
Habis madu, sepah dibuang.

Bukan cahaya yang kuinginkan
Waktu kau susah, menggelupur di atas jalan
Kau cari aku, aku teman kau
Kau minta tolong, aku tolong. Aku buat.

Aku cuma nak kawan aku balik
'True friends ' katanya.

A dwarf in a giant tribe.

It's like she's been kicked in the butt, fell,
and someone screamed to her face "Get up, bitch! Get up!"
Unwillingly, forcing herself to stand straight.
Kicked in the knee, "Get up, loser! Get up!"
And it went on, and on. And on.

She was gonna give up
Then she remembered someone once said
Sometimes you gotta fall
To learn to pick yourself up

She had fallen. She has to pick herself up.
She needs someone to kick her in the guts
"You're much stronger than this.
I know you are.
Life is too good for you to stay down
And be insecure."

Her loved ones flashes in front of her eyes
Do they still love her?

She's like a dwarf in a giant tribe
She's that close to being stepped on.
She feels lost.
She feels insecure.
She feels lonely in this creepy place.

She had fallen. She has to pick herself up. She needs someone to kick her in the guts "You're much stronger than this. I know you are. Life is too good for you to stay down And be insecure."
Rina Ridzwan

Everything's Not Lost

When I'm counting up my demons
Saw there was one for every day
With the good ones on my shoulder
I drove the other ones away

If you ever feel neglected
If you think all is lost
I'll be counting up my demons yeah
Hoping everything's not lost

When you thought that it was over
You could feel it all around
Everybody's out to get you
Don't you let it drag you down

Reaching for the stars.

I am not a bookworm nor i even have the passion to read. Regardless, of how best-selling the book is to me, it will just be another pieces of paper with some words for me.
My type of book is always the one that is based on true story or motivational books because i just can't stand it when the story line doesn't go the way i want it. Blergh. I have read a few Sophie Kinsellas and they failed to impress me. And my whole life, i have only read ONE Malay novel successfully. And by successfully, it means 'reading it page by page'. And it still failed to impress me either.

Reaching for the Stars is a book i bought years ago. Those were the days when i wouldn't even think of spending a penny on story books. My passion has always been with history and books which will give me some life-long lessons. This book stood out. And so i bought it.

Reaching for the Stars.

No matter how far you go, no matter how high you fly, to the ground you will fall someday. That is what i learnt. …

She said she's gonna leave. So she did.

Take care of yourself, bud. I'll try and FedEx some lemang or bumbu rendang there during Raya, aite? Go and be the next American Idol. I'll be waiting :')
I love you, pumpkin puff. 


Have you ever felt that the whole world is going against you? When you feel like you have no one to turn to. Even the person whom you trust the most Turns his/her back on you. Who will you find?
The place that you feel the safest, the worst Runaway. Leave. Be gone. I just wanna put everything behind me. What did I do? God gracious! I know I’ve never done anything so bad That I deserve to be treated this way I know a person who has done something Freaking way too bad than anything I’ve ever done Guess guess guess. She’s treated better.
I know I’m not perfect I’m aware of that But who are thou Staring into someone’s eyes And talk about their imperfections? Who are thou to bring someone down? Who are thou, pretending like nothing ever happened? Who are thou?

It's picture-less. *___*

I find that the only(most) piece of art that can be found on my blog is literature.


arrogant |ˈarəgənt| adjectivehaving or revealingan exaggerated sense of one's own importance or abilities : he's arrogant and opinionated | a typically arrogant assumption.
Arrogance is not showing off. Arrogance is when you feel too good about yourself and you feel like you’re on a whole different level than people from your surroundings. You know, I just can’t stand arrogance. Most people develop their arrogance when they come from a wealthy family. Some of them don’t even come from a wealthy family. That, I don’t get. What makes you so different than anyone else? What rights do you possess that allows you to look down on people? Your wealth: Jerk, you don’t even own the money! Your parents earn the money and gave ‘em to you! You don’t even know how to earn money! Brat, I know that if I ditch you by the roadside alone, you would just sit there and do nothing instead of trying to survive! Frankly, I’ve met tones of other people who are much, much, much richer than you and are so…


Answer me.

Have you ever wanted to be something you're not?

Have you ever wanted to impress someone so bad?

Have you ever wanted to just bust a move and get out of the friendzone?

Have you ever dreamt of being a little bit more glamourous? 

Have you chosen a place where you would wanna stay when you grow up?

Have you ever tried to keep your mouth shut because you just talk too much?

Do you remember the days when you tried so bad to stop cursing because you curse too much?

Have you ever felt that you're so poor and wanna get outta school just to get more cash?

Have you ever been so down because you're invisible?

Have you ever cried because you think you're so short and your crush won't like you?

Ever feared of being rejected?

Where are you now?

I have uncountable amount of bad habits that i have got to get rid of. At some points, i feel like i'm the worst living creature setting foot on this planet.

Word of the day : Fuck.

I used to censor the word 'fuck' in all of my posts, but this time, i won't. Because i'm clearly writing about it.

Fuck. What does it mean to you? When you come across this word, do you think of it as having sexual intercourse or as an expression of anger? I assume most of you would pick the second one. As an expression of anger.

Source :
According to any sort of dictionary in this whole wide world, aside from the meaning of have sexual intercourse, it will always mean 'an expression of anger' or so. I'm sure that it won't say 'an expression of happiness, joy or impressed'. So why do you use it excessively?
Why do you have to use that word in every sentence? Even during the supercalifragilistic moments, you still wanna use it too? I just don't get it. Do you feel proud using that word? Do you feel that you're on a whole new level comparing to others? Is it fun?
I honestly don't mind you using that word when you&#…
Haha, Hana looks like she's dancing in the second picture :D

Ramadhan, welcome!

As i'm writing this, i'm lying on my bed, with my laptop on my lap, suffering from sore-throat, flu, cough, phlegm and fever.

At home, in Seremban.

I have been having sore-throat after i drank that shitty Iced Lemon Tea by Drinho (Tuesday). I felt it was too sour and bitter too. Followed by some other illnesses. Oh great. I woke up every 2 hours that night just to get some tissue and blow my nose!

In the morning(wednesday morning), I woke up at 8.34 and head straight to Unit Kesihatan to, i don't know, get some drugs, MC, drips, whatever that is needed to make me feel better. I was pretty sure i'm not getting any drugs though, looking through my allergies-in-drugs list. A bottle of sodium chloride would do. Buutttt! As i got into Unit Kesihatan, filled in my allergies form, went into the doctor's room...
"Irina, awak demam ni, saya nak kasi apa ni? Semua ubat awak allergic. Saya nak try and error ubat, takut nanti awak allergic. Habis tu biasanya awak demam doctor…

This is for you, Naim.

I was thinking of abandoning this blog *again* due to these few hectic weeks. I've been trying to spare some time to update my blog, but i just couldn't.
The typical first few weeks of college life - filled with inductions, duty levels, college meetings, and some compulsary events for the new intakes. And to top it all -my brother just got engaged yesterday :)
These past few weeks HAD been hectic. Period. But i think from this week onwards things are settling down *i hope so*. No more inductions *yay!*, only some cheering and dancing practices.
But someone boosted my spirit up few days ago. From a dying old blogger to a freshman in this Blogger High School. His name is Adam Naim Razaleigh.
I called my friend Ema just now to force her to watch Coldplay's concert on Fox but she's at a friend's house. Then,
"Eh Rina! I met your friend here. Adam Naim?" "Oh yes! Can i speak to him?!" "Sure, kejap." *passes the phone to someone*

What is this sorcery. It sucks.

I'm gonna start my first ever blog post with a hate post.

I'm dedicating this post to some of the ladies i know at UiTM. Could be my roommate or my classmate.I hate people who walk away when (s)he's talking to me. Ultimate rudeness. Mintak kaki aku.I hate people touching my stuff without my permission. MY CLOSET IS OFF LIMITS.Do not come near me or talk to me 24/7 when you know we will never get along.Do not touch my clothes.When i gave you the permission to use my laptop, do not load some shitty videos. I'm using broadband, for crying out loud. HAVE SOME MERCY.Makan perlahan2. Jangan kunyah macam kunyah chewing gum. Kau makan nasi, sial. Nasi pun bising ke?!If the joke is not even funny, you don't have to laugh like you're dying. No one asked you to fake a laugh. That's called being stupid. What are you -- brain-dead?!Too many bimbos. I miss my school, man. Seriously, i really miss my sch…

To be behind/in front of the camera?

In a production of movie, there will be someone who's in front of the camera (public's eye) and someone who stays behind the camera. Unless if the project is a solo project. 
Mat Luthfi/Niga Higa/Kev Jumba; the vloggers, for example. Self-written script, self-recorded, self-edited.Wow, forever alone nya.

Let's take a production of a movie for an instance. A director of a movie and the cast of the movie. For High School Musical (excuse my addiction of High School Musical). Kenny Ortega, the director and Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Tisdale, Lucas Grabeel, etc.


What do you get if you're the person in front of the camera? Well, you get the fame of course. If the production is a success, you get the compliments. People would say "Zac Efron's High School Musical" right, instead of "Kenny Ortega's High School Musical"? Precisely. And it's definitely the head start of your career. You can be a diva. Just scream 'Ore…