Part 1 of Johanna & Hafidz's Wedding : The Solemnization.

I have been quiet busy lately with all the exams and family occasions. Family occasionnya apa lagi? Kalau bukan family gathering, wedding la.

This beautiful lady called Johanna is actually my aunt. The solemnization was on November 19, in the middle of SPM in Putrajaya. Yes i know. But what to do?


Auntie Zieman helping Mama

The boys getting ready outside the house

I found this awesome shmosome mineral water bottle!

The buffet table

Lepaking with my partner, Ayan

The wedding cake (first layer only)


Bunga manggar kid

The dayangs

YB Zieman and Pn. Elly 
(Auntie Zieman asked me to write it this way. Hah.)


The bride and groom themselves

Ze hantaran

The solemnization was at 11. Around 3 o'clock baru berarak. Without us noticing it ourselves, we had been standing for 5 hours straight. Wow.

And the most interesting part of the solemnization is that the date, 19th November, is the same date as the bride's birthday. And also, my nenek's birthday! But if i were the bride, i wouldn't want everything to be on the same day. Nanti nak celebrate, tak seronok la :(

So monsieur and mademoiselle, that's the end of part 1. Huh? Why part 1? Because they have a reception and Putrajaya International Convention Centre the following week. And another one near my house. 

Just hang on, part 2 is the best of all ;)


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