crazy shitty driver.

     So these past few days, i've been busy with my final family wedding. The solemnization was on Friday evening and the wedding itself was on Saturday night at the poolside of Rasah Kemayan Club House.

     Some of my relatives from KL stayed over at Klana Resort. On Sunday, before they leave for KL, i brought them to my house for a lunch. Since i was staying in Klana Resort too, so we all took a cab to go back to my house. I live in Ampangan, so it's not that far.

     And a cab arrived at the porch of Klana Resort. The driver was an Indian lady. Naik-naik je taxi, tak perasan pun yang meter dia tak on. Tapi sebelum sempat kita sempat lepas pintu gerbang Klana Resort tu, Ayan bisik
"Na, meter, meter.." So i told the lady,
"Auntie, meter tak da ka?"
"You want meter, is it? Never mind la. Usually i charge all the same one. RM20"

     RM20?! Kepala hotak dia! Aku balik sekolah dari S2 sampai rumah pun tak sampai RM15!
"Auntie! Cannot be one! I go back from school, doesn't even reach RM20, you know!"
Then she made her b*tchy face and said
"Is it?"

     Then she stopped at the gate of Klana Resort to turn on the meter,
"You should have told me earlier that you want meter. Now late already." she said while turning the meter on. I tried to hold my patience and just kept quiet. As i reached my house, the charge of the cab is RM7.20. Ha, kau ingat aku bodoh tambang teksi aku RM20?! Kalau aku bayar kau RM20, aku dah boleh pergi balik rumah 2 kali tau!! I saw her widening her eyes looking at my house. Deep down inside,
"Ni pompuan ni mesti nak charge lebih ni"

     And as i thought, she wanted to charge me more than she should. I gave her RM8.
"It's RM8."
"But isn't the meter showing RM7.20?"
"I turned on the meter late what.."
"Uh huh, by what, 200 metres?"
"Never mind la, we round off." she said sambil bagi senyuman yang mintak pelempang.
"Auntie, you wanted to charge us RM20 just now, you know." i said sambil bagi tenungan yang nak makan orang.
"Never mind la."

     She gave me RM1 back. Now you may say that i'm a cheapskate for not even giving her 80sen. Usually i would, dear, i would. But when someone wants to ask for my generosity when she has a rotten, stinky heart, she's only asking for my foot.


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