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Cermin Diri

Cermin diri. Kita selalu sebut frasa ni, tapi apa yang kita faham?

Biasanya bila orang tegur kita atau marah kita, kita akan sebut "Cermin diri kau tu sikit! Kau ingat kau siapa nak tegur aku?!" Tapi untuk orang yang pengecut macam saya, cakap dalam hati je la kan.
Bagi diri saya, frasa itu, bukan itu cara penggunaannya. 
Bagi saya 'cermin diri' lebih kepada 'cakap tak serupa bikin'. Contohnya, bila kita suruh orang diam, kita sendiri yang bising. Itulah benda yang biasa kita amalkan di sekolah. Bukan kita pelajar je, malahan guru-guru sekolah sendiri. Kalau sekolah tu terlampau bising, cikgu kita akan jerit 'Diaaammmm!!!' Dia sendiri tak perasan agaknya yang bila dia menjerit, dia sendiri menambah kepada kebisingan sekolah. Itulah yang saya belajar daripada cikgu orkestra saya. Dia cuma perlukan tenungan mata yang tajam untuk mendisiplinkan pelajar. "Tak guno ekau topokik-telolong nak suruh orang diam. Ekau tu pun bising jugak"
Tau tak b…

crazy shitty driver.

So these past few days, i've been busy with my final family wedding. The solemnization was on Friday evening and the wedding itself was on Saturday night at the poolside of Rasah Kemayan Club House.

     Some of my relatives from KL stayed over at Klana Resort. On Sunday, before they leave for KL, i brought them to my house for a lunch. Since i was staying in Klana Resort too, so we all took a cab to go back to my house. I live in Ampangan, so it's not that far.

     And a cab arrived at the porch of Klana Resort. The driver was an Indian lady. Naik-naik je taxi, tak perasan pun yang meter dia tak on. Tapi sebelum sempat kita sempat lepas pintu gerbang Klana Resort tu, Ayan bisik
"Na, meter, meter.." So i told the lady,
"Auntie, meter tak da ka?"
"You want meter, is it? Never mind la. Usually i charge all the same one. RM20"

     RM20?! Kepala hotak dia! Aku balik sekolah dari S2 sampai rumah pun tak sampai RM15!
"Auntie! Cannot be one! …

Weddings, in short.

Frankly speaking, tahun ni memang banyak gila wedding yang saya pergi. Tahun terbanyak wedding yang saya attend. From my posts pun you can tell kan? Sekarang ni pun ada 5 wedding yang saya belum ceritakan lagi. Obviously, i compared those weddings and there some part of the weddings that i like, i don't like and such..

Number one : I do not wanna do my wedding at a sports planet/ kompleks belia dan sukan. Seriously, why would i wanna get married at a sports complex? Okayla, diorang ada dewan besar. Kalau nak dewan sangat, apasal tak pakai MPS ke, pakai Dewan Besar taman perumahan korang ke. For the guests to enter the hall and having to pass by all the sweaty and stinky people? Kalau hot dan wangi, takpe jugak. Kalau orang tu rambut panjang kerinting menggerbang, ataupun ada mamat bajet hot, bukak baju, sekali bulu dada macam---- manggai.

Number two : Not too formal please. If you go to a grand wedding, wedding of the year punya jenis, mesti tatacara wedding tu ketat gila. Let…

Good luck, PMR 2011!

This will be a really short post, just to wish all the best to PMR 2011 candidates! Don't be too nervous! Well, it's kinda good to be nervous actually..

About my blog, yes i haven't updated for quite sometime already. Been busy lately (not that busy actually, but i'm a lazy bum). Since i've reached my 'independence day', this computer has been my best friend, can't wait to see my PlayStation every time i wake up, and i'm also the head chef of the house. I just made lasagna last night. They went pretty good, except-- Wait. Kenapa tiba2 pasal lasagna ni?


Part 1 of Johanna & Hafidz's Wedding : The Solemnization.

I have been quiet busy lately with all the exams and family occasions. Family occasionnya apa lagi? Kalau bukan family gathering, wedding la.

This beautiful lady called Johanna is actually my aunt. The solemnization was on November 19, in the middle of SPM in Putrajaya. Yes i know. But what to do?


Auntie Zieman helping Mama
The boys getting ready outside the house
I found this awesome shmosome mineral water bottle!
The buffet table
Lepaking with my partner, Ayan
The wedding cake (first layer only)
Bunga manggar kid
The dayangs
YB Zieman and Pn. Elly  (Auntie Zieman asked me to write it this way. Hah.)

The bride and groom themselves

Ze hantaran
The solemnization was at 11. Around 3 o'clock baru berarak. Without us noticing it ourselves, we had been standing for 5 hours straight. Wow.
And the most interesting part of the solemnization is that the date, 19th November, is the same date as the bride's birthday. And als…

Let's take a breather, shall we?

I myself know it that i have anger management issues these past few days. Ask me why? Lord knows why. I easily get irritated by people and my patience meter is often at its brink! And one more thing with me, if i hate someone, that person would know it just by a few 'eye-to-eye's without even needing a single glare. Geez. I need some help.

On second thought, why should we even think of someone who doesn't even worth a penny to us? Doesn't even worth a spit?! You talk trash, geez, i shouldn't even have cared in the first place! Silly me!

But to tell you the truth, every time your name is being mentioned, my middle finger feels like it's getting a boner. That's how much i hate you. Nuff said.


Warning : This is a hate post.

Okay, i admit that i'm a twitterholic.

Scene 1 : A few steps after i got into Jusco yesterday with Hana, I told her that i forgot to bring my phone with the wireless internet. "Oh shit, macam mana nak bukak twitter i ni?" "Never mind, you can use my iTouch."
Scene 2 at Sushi King : "Hana, i takut i jadi twitter addict laa" "You memang dah addicted pun."
So semangat saya terhadap twitter ni sangat kuat. I'll do everything in my power to stop people from abusing twitter.
Dekat other social networking sites, ramai orang dah guna hash-tags. Do you know what a hash-tag is? Contohnya #macamni. Hash-tag is founded by twitter. Other sites, takde tujuan pun nak guna hash-tags. So korang nak pakai tu buat apa? Wanna know how a hash-tag works? Go to this post. Cara-cara lain memang tak boleh diterima pakai.
Exhibit 1 : #hari ni saya boring sangat. Rasa nak tidur satu hari Exhibit 2 : #harinisayaboringsangatrasanaktidursatuhari Exhibit 3 : hari ni s…