One Night Only :)

Siapa perasan a few days ago, New Straits Times ada keluarkan two-page article on Johnson's-cutest-baby-alive or something? OMG, those babies are so cute! Geramnya! Rasa nak lempang! Wait, why am i talking about babies?

Last friday night (we went streaking in the park!) my school had this graduation night for the fifth-formers. And no, this is not a prom night. I repeat, THIS IS NOT A PROM NIGHT. It's just a formal dinner. A few parents were there, all the teachers were there and also some VVIPs. No boys allowed. So this is not a prom night. Do i make myself clear?

I chose not to bring the camera that night, because i wanna be in the picture too, okay?! Tired of being behind the camera! Arrived at Klana Resort around 6.15pm and there they were, standing by the entrance, the six locos. Hana was, amagad, she looked so different! Though i didn't bring my DSLR, i still took some pictures with my phone, so here goes..

This was taken using Fariszah's dad's Canon :)

Psst! Recently, I accidentally left my diary in the Chemistry lab. It's nameless. But later Mr. Loh called me and returned it to me. Ya Allah, malunya!!



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