I know i need a break from the books when i started dreaming of Collision Theory!

Yeah, i dreamt of collision theory last night. The atoms collided and there were sparks. I woke up, it's 6.45am.

Uhhh, uuuu, uuuu!!! Check this out!

First time try honey sticks ni dekat Zoo Negara. Lawatan dengan sekolah, program lepas PMR. Muehehe. Memang sedap gila. Tapi lepas tu tak makan2 lagi, pasal tak jumpa pun dekat kedai2 (Tak jumpa ke malas nak carik, Na?)

Okay, here's a confession. Honey sticks are actually meant for the lazy bums who are too lazy to pick up a plastic spoon in the kitchen and grab a jar of honey from the shelf like me. Honey sticks taste exactly the same like the ones in the jar. But i guess the ones in the jars are thicker and pure. But yeah, honey is honey. Eating honey after waking up in the morning, is a no problem for me with the presence of these wonderful sticks :)

Rinaad : Siapa yang nk beli, pergi la dekat Jusco Seremban 2. Dekat depan cashier dekat tempat basah tu ada booth. 40 batang, RM23 :)



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