The Type of Blogs and Facebook Accounts that I Don't Like.

I've skipped school for two days in a row. It's not on purpose, everybody! These past few days have been really warm, which increased my body temperature, and thus, too cliché for Retro, my nose bled. That's right.

Alternating with my books, i faced my computer too. In fact, i faced it too much!

1.     Facebook

The only person i know who doesn't have a facebook account is Dauszailing because he is a twitter-holic. Korang mesti la ada kan? Have you came across anything on your newsfeed that you really hate and made you search for the 'Hide all posts from..'? I'm pretty sure you have. If you don't, maybe you don't even know the existence of the button. Yo creature! Explore facebook! Look out for the button! It'll make your life easiaahh, oh yeaaa *bobblehead*

  1. "hmmm..da 3 ari bersama dye..hmm.. ak da terlalu syg kat dye..ak xleyy kehilangan ak kehilangan dye, wa x taw nk wat pe ag.."
  2.             Ritey. This is one of the status updates on my newsfeed. She's dedicating it to her bf/gf. I don't know whether she's straight or not, and i don't wanna know. But ma point right now is, if you type like this, like some sorta Martian's language, you're outta my newsfeed, girl. And if you happen to dedicate it to me and want me to read it, hell, i don't read Martians. Not a single word. To read this status up here, it took me half an hour. WORD! Somehow i'll have cyclops' eyes and i'll feel like putting this freaking computer on fire. Dah la perosak bahasa, sia2 je pegi sekolah 11 tahun.
  3. You put a celebrity's picture as your default photo. Especially Disney's stars. Yang aku tau la, aku tak ada pulak berkawan dengan Demi Lovato. Apasal pulak Demi Lovato nak add aku? Dia nak stalk aku ke apa? The ones that got approved by me on facebook, thank God i'm that nice and i know you that well. 

  4. You update your status every 15 mins.                                                                    
  5. Your default photo changes every 24 hours.
  6. You play with the shiteous apps like 'The Report Card thingymajig', 'My Top Friends for Life', etc.
  7. You're turning your blog to tumblr. Girl, i'm on blogger for a reason! I don't wanna see no GIFs and those moving pictures! If you have gifs in almost every post, me no like your blog.
  8. Your blog post is sekentut-sekentut. Means your posts semua sebaris-sebaris je. Adik, kalau nak post sebaris-sebaris je, diorang ada create satu social network ni tau. Nama dia kan, TWITTER.
  9. You camwhore too much and you fill your blog with your pictures, including the sidebars.
  10. Not saying that i really hate it or don't like it at all, but i prefer bloggers like 'Blog Usang Lagi Bersawang @ hatim a.r.' rather than Hanis Zalikha's.
That's all from Ghetgho. Till then!

ps: Susahkan nak puaskan saya? Cerewet betul.




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