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The Type of Blogs and Facebook Accounts that I Don't Like.

I've skipped school for two days in a row. It's not on purpose, everybody! These past few days have been really warm, which increased my body temperature, and thus, too cliché for Retro, my nose bled. That's right.

Alternating with my books, i faced my computer too. In fact, i faced it too much!

1.     Facebook

The only person i know who doesn't have a facebook account is Dauszailing because he is a twitter-holic. Korang mesti la ada kan? Have you came across anything on your newsfeed that you really hate and made you search for the 'Hide all posts from..'? I'm pretty sure you have. If you don't, maybe you don't even know the existence of the button. Yo creature! Explore facebook! Look out for the button! It'll make your life easiaahh, oh yeaaa *bobblehead*

"hmmm..da 3 ari bersama dye..hmm.. ak da terlalu syg kat dye..ak xleyy kehilangan ak kehilangan dye, wa x taw nk wat pe ag.."Ritey. This is one of the status updates on my new…
Supp, yaww!

Trials are over; the results? Forget it.

Sekarang ni dah penghujung Syawal, memang banyak la orang buat open house. Saya rasa kalau nak compare traffic jam or macet in Bahasa Indonesia di hujung Syawal dengan di awal Syawal, memang kalah la 1 Syawal. Siap jadi headline dekat Star lagi.

Saya pun mestilah tak ketinggalan. Tapi tak adalah sebanyak open house korang kan? Sehari sampai 5 open house! Haa, amik kau. Mencekik la puas-puas nasi impit kuah kacang. Saya punya open house paling banyak dalam sehari pun 2 je. Duit raya tahun ni pun lebih sikit dari tahun2 sebelum ni. Ekonomi merudum kah?

Dated bila ntah, tak ingat, aku pun mendaki lah Bukit Kepayang ikut jalan Bukit Chedang tu, nak pegi beraya dekat rumah Zooe dengan Cikna. Tapi gambar tak banyak pasal tak ramai yang pegi dengan kekurangan camera. Minggu yang seterusnya, Syawal diraikan lagi di rumah Padi. Huh, dekat situ la sesi berfoto dimulakannn

photos taken by NK :)
itulah dia, serba-serbi lawatan sambil belajar ruma…

Syawal :D

To those who have no idea of what Syawal is, don't be a lazy bum. Google it.

Yesterday, Tuesday, equivalent to 1st of Syawal wasn't that happening though. Celebrated with my relatives from my mom's side. There are lots of toddlers and little boys on my mom's side of the family. It's hard to blend in with them and actually feel the anticipation and excitement for Raya/Syawal.

Today, 2nd of Syawal is much, much more fun and exciting. Relatives from my dad's side came to mi casa..

Sorry for the poor quality of the photos up there. I was only using my phone camera. And those huge fireworks? We bought A LOT OF THEM, I TELL YA! 6 x 36 shots, i think. And some other not-so-cool fire crackers :)
We had a blast. 

4 large pizzas, done in less than 10 minutes

Dart Tag session
They also say that tourists should come to Malaysia during Malaysia's Independence Day because of the marching ceremony, traditional dances and all, i would say that tourists should come to Malaysia du…