FREEDOM! (Though only 4 subjects, but let's take a chill pill!)

Bonjour boys and girls, mesdames et messieurs!

Yup, i just finished my BM, English, Sejarah and Math papers. So i guess i can take a break for awhile. I'll just take a chill pill, aite?

Yesterday (Thursday), I had three papers in a day. It was undeniably a really hot day. Plus, fasting.. Fuhh, imagine the exhaustion! Reached home at about 4.40pm, i guess. When i was in the car, i was thinking

"Thank God i made up my bed really good this morning. And the room is clean! Muehehehe! Membuta sampai maghrib la jawabnya! Dear bed, come to mama!"

Entered the house, "Assalamualaikum!" Poof, rushed to my room, and as i opened the door,

Yup, my Monopoly box was there. The case was opened. Money flew everywhere. The houses and hotels 'collapsed'. Including my phone. and my Sejarah revision book. On the floor.

Inilah akibatnya bila tingkap dibiarkan terbukak dan kucing melompat masuk, landing atas meja. Kucing tu sampai tergelincir jatuh kot. Hmm, i guess my bed had to wait. I cleaned up after that. And when it comes to Monopoly, i will arrange all those notes and cards accordingly. Never missed even once (kot). And the result is....

and finally..

Heee :D

I did a really pointless thing too. I checked all my answers for my Sejarah Paper 1. The objective ones. I know, i know, i shouldn't check because it'll affect my mentality, or whatever you call it on other papers, but i'll feel very nauseous if i don't! And i have to tell you that i surely won't get an A+. 

Since when am i an A+ student anyway?



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