What Does Ramadhan Mean to an Orphan?

I am blessed for still having both of my parents. Though there are some ups and downs in the family, but it's a normal thing to happen in the family. The ups and downs make us stay stronger.

When i say 'blessed', i don't mean that orphans aren't blessed. I believe they are more blessed than us. It had come to our senses that they tend to grow faster than us. We tend to be spoon-fed while they have to work their butt off to get something they want. They sometimes have to neglect their wants just to do justice to their siblings when they face financial issues.

I am quite an orphan-conscious(Wow, is there such word?). My papa always tell me to be nice to orphans. They are not as fortunate as us. So what do we do? Make them feel fortunate. Give them all the joy they can have to make them feel like us.

You know, we at school, we do not like and are not liked by everyone. When i was a prefect, i was not keen of some students for keep on breaking the school rules over and over again. She knows i don't like her and i know that she doesn't like me. You know. And as time passed by, i resigned and joined the editorial board. When i was all by myself in the room, i browsed through some folders and found out that she's an orphan. My first thought was "Oh God, what have i done?" and my second thought was "Why does she behave that way?"

To tell you the truth, i have very good impressions on orphans. I expect them to be mature for growing up, i expect them to decent and obedient as they know life more than us. But when they turn out wrong, all that is bugging me is "What happened?"

The thing that led me to this post was texts received from a really, really close friend the first few minutes of Ramadhan this year.

He has the gift to see his late dad's soul.
I would like to inform you that i changed some details in this re-written conversation to hide the identity of the acquaintance.
Text 1 : Papa balik bulan ni..
Text 2 : Papa balik bulan ni..
Text 3 : Orang yang saya rindu balik untuk sepanjang bulan ni..
Text 4 : Penat saya tunggu dia. Setahun saya tunggu dia rina.Malam ni dia balik. Tak sia2 saya tunggu. Papa balik jugak akhirnya. Saya tak kisah air mata saya mengalir sekarang. Papa saya balik.. Papa saya balik..

When i received those texts, i went speechless. I ran out of words. My thumbs were shaking all of a sudden. My right hand moved to shed a tear. And this friend is a guy. I guess we all know how hard it is for a guy to admit that he cries.

We don't really, 100%, know the importance of our parents till we lose them. We can't seem to comprehend what we'll be without them. I am not sure myself whether i know 100% or not, but one thing for sure : I love my parents a lot.

For those who can't imagine the sadness of losing a parent, you can't possibly want the ball to be in your court then you'll know, right?

For those who lost their parents : You have my deepest condolences. In conjunction with the holy Ramadhan Al-Mubarak, pray more for your loved ones and send them my regards. Al-Fatihah. 



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