I rate this movie 5 upon 5!

Haha, even my teacher knows that I'm a movie freak. Not just movie, she even asked me who Fred Astaire is. Then she told the class that I know almost everything about the showbiz. 

Back to the topic, i'm in my movie-review mode. Some of you might think "Movie review? Uhh, that's so bogus!" To read this post or not, it really is up to you, man. I enjoy writing this :)


At a glance, you might not believe your eyes that this is the title of the movie. Too short and weird, yes?
But believe it or not, that is the title of the movie. It is named after the location of whole incident ; Basement, parking lot, P2. I have a soft spot on psychopathic type of movies, so that's why i love this movie. A security guard's obsession on a clerk that makes him lock the clerk in the building, on a Christmas eve. She was in her car when she was chloroformed, and wakes up to her dressing in a white dress with her ankle chained to a table. The exposition and the climax of the movie is full of suspense and thrill! Sampai terasa macam tak nak lepas pandang TV for a even a split second! Oh, by the way, it is rated 18PL, 'cause the girl's dress is quite 'ehemm' and there's a really violent scene.

This movie is very good la. But the ending is kinda sucky.



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