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What Does Ramadhan Mean to an Orphan?

I am blessed for still having both of my parents. Though there are some ups and downs in the family, but it's a normal thing to happen in the family. The ups and downs make us stay stronger.

When i say 'blessed', i don't mean that orphans aren't blessed. I believe they are more blessed than us. It had come to our senses that they tend to grow faster than us. We tend to be spoon-fed while they have to work their butt off to get something they want. They sometimes have to neglect their wants just to do justice to their siblings when they face financial issues.

I am quite an orphan-conscious(Wow, is there such word?). My papa always tell me to be nice to orphans. They are not as fortunate as us. So what do we do? Make them feel fortunate. Give them all the joy they can have to make them feel like us.

You know, we at school, we do not like and are not liked by everyone. When i was a prefect, i was not keen of some students for keep on breaking the school rules over and…

How IE looks like on a Mac

I was applying the matriculation thingy through MOE. When i wanted to click it, there was a pop-up. It says  "Maaf, sila gunakan Microsoft Internet Explorer untuk menggunakan aplikasi ini" I didn't have Microsoft Internet Explorer. It was kinda troublesome for me to download it, but for the sake of my application, i downloaded it anyway. Wanna know how IE looks like on a Mac? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

My first thought was "Dang, i've seen this somewhere in my text books. It's when they're trying to teach us how an email works back in 2002!" Don't you think so? Trying browsing through your english text books for Standard 1 or Standard 2. You'll see an email from your pen-pal looking something like this.

Foot note: One of the reasons why i like Mac is because when i wanna uninstall a programme, i don't have to go to Control Panel, 'Add or remove program' and such. On Mac, i just have to drag the icon and …

Last Sunday NIght! :D

I know this sounds so cliché, but i'm in my own world. In this world, i don't care about what people think of me. I really don't.

Okay, let's get back to our headline! "Last Sunday Night!"

Oh yeah, last sunday was awesome. Really awesome. Papa planned to take us out (ze girls je since my brotha is in Ganu, working). Sepatutnya gerak pukul 11 macam tu, tapi biasa la, lambat punya. So we departed at about 2, if i'm not mistaken. Papa was the one who came up with the idea of shopping now since he saw Dorothy Perkins having 50% off. When one of us say Dorothy Perkins, i'll think of Mid Valley since their Dorothy Perkins is next to Ms. Read and we shop at both places.

But suddenly Papa headed to Subang instead of Klang Valley. We went to Empire. Call me lame, but that's the first time i stepped my foot in that building. Yes, i hereby declare that. Anyway, as we stepped in, we were walking and walking, attracted to a shop, we barged in, and that happene…

I rate this movie 5 upon 5!

Haha, even my teacher knows that I'm a movie freak. Not just movie, she even asked me who Fred Astaire is. Then she told the class that I know almost everything about the showbiz. 
Back to the topic, i'm in my movie-review mode. Some of you might think "Movie review? Uhh, that's so bogus!" To read this post or not, it really is up to you, man. I enjoy writing this :)

At a glance, you might not believe your eyes that this is the title of the movie. Too short and weird, yes? But believe it or not, that is the title of the movie. It is named after the location of whole incident ; Basement, parking lot, P2. I have a soft spot on psychopathic type of movies, so that's why i love this movie. A security guard's obsession on a clerk that makes him lock the clerk in the building, on a Christmas eve. She was in her car when she was chloroformed, and wakes up to her dressing in a white dress with her ankle chained to a table. The exposition and the climax of the movi…

Must-Watch Movies! #1

Yes, it's undeniable that i recklessly blogged about how emo i was. I don't do that often so *whispers* let's just keep it between us! Shoosh *whispers*

*voice of a host of a wrestling match*
Ladies and gentlemen! I present you, Top 20 Must-Watch Movies!!

*back to my voice*
Ehem. I'm quite known as a movie freak. I watch lots and lots of movies indeed. I do admire some actors for their acting. (Na'a, I don't give a damn about their faces. Oh yeah.) So it's not shocking for you to see lots of Will Smith and Tom Hanks' faces in these movies.

*back to the voice of a host of a wrestling match*
Without any particular order....

The Green Mile
"John Coffey. Yes sir boss. Like the drink, only not spelt the same."  This movie was originally written by Stephen King. There were four books at first, then compiled to make a movie. It's about a guy who was accused of raping and killing two little girls by the locals. He has a power or reading someone's m…

I can't feel a thing..

These past few days can never get any worse. Last Thursday night aka Malam Jumaat, I had a dream. A few of my teeth - broken. I did read it from somewhere that dreaming of your teeth broken is never a good sign. It means someone from your relatives are gonna - kheekkk - die. The next morning, on my way to school, i told mi madré bout the dream. Dia pun tak boleh nak kata apa. Angguk je la.

After school, we had this forum bout sex before marriage. They did touch here and there about the effect of sex before marriage on our health, psychology. They even said something about abandoning and murder of the baby that's born out of wedlock. The best of all, they touched about lesbianism. That definite moment, someone crossed my mind. But i just sat still and kept quiet.

The incident after the talk is the one that has been leaving a bad taste in my mouth. I scolded someone. A junior of mine, aka a friend of mine's sister. My close friends would know that i don't scold nor yell at p…


Oh yeahh! I'm back! I feel so alive! After a few days without my internet connection at home, i feel like a zombie. Lifeless. And now it's back! Wait, does this mean i need to get a life? *oopsie daisy*

Anyway, you know what happened to the connection?

Mula-mula, jalan raya kat depan ni diorang buat apa entah. Diorang pegi korek tanah tu. Beberapa hari setelah itu, perkara sebegini terjadi.

Saya menggunakan telefon rumah untuk menelefon handphone mak saya. Dia angkat. Tiba-tiba dia tanya

"Nina, Nina kat mana ni?"
Saya pun membalas "Na kat rumahla. Kat mana lagi"
"Habis tu kenapa nombor rumah yang keluar dekat phone mama ni lain?"

Anda bayangkan bahawa no telefon rumah anda adalah 06-7777777. Tiba-tiba, yang keluar dekat phone receiver adalah 06-3333333. Tak ke pelik? Dah la no rumah sendiri.

Rupa-rupanya, masa orang TM tu tengah betulkan TM punya main box, dia tersalah connect wires. Dan rumah saya terdapat nombor rumah orang lain. Justeru kehilan…