Insomnia? Nope.

Hey bloggerville.
It's currently 3.10am. I am still wide awake. These past few weeks, i guess i have been writing quite a lot. A little too much? I don't know. What i know is this time, i really need to write. I apologise if i annoy you, spamming your dashboard, but i desperately need to write.

I am not staying up till this late hour on purpose. Something has been bugging me. If only i know what it is. I'm having the typical "mandi tak basah, tidur tak lena, makan tak kenyang" syndrome. But nahh, it's not the love syndrome. This feeling is kinda extraordinary. Never felt it before. And let me tell you once again. I, myself don't even know what it is.

Hati ni rasa tak sedap. When i wanna shut my eyes, my brain won't even listen to me! My mind says "Shut!" but my brain has been uncontrollably stubborn! Usually if i can't sleep, i would just face some books. And i mean literal books, not facebook. Bukan nak jobo, tapi agak-agak la. SPM is really around the corner. Sampai bila nak buat "don't know"? When my mind says "Take out a book! Read!", same thing happened. My brain is acting as if it can't comprehend what my mind is saying.

It's now 3.25am. At exactly 3.00am, i headed to the toilet and took my wudhu'. My heart felt a lot more better. Then, i performed my Isya' again. It's true what they say about the concept of "In order to find the OFF button, you gotta find the ON button" The concept that i use:

If you find some turmoil in yourself, go back to where you are from and you'll find some serenity.

That's what i did. I needed help. I took a break from this temporary "paradise" to see my Creator. He created me, so He must know whatever that goes on in me. All I can do is ask for help from Lord Almighty and what happens onwards ----- "kun fayakun". At least i know i tried.

I am not a certified religion teacher. Just and only just a normal human being. Here i am, in my blog, stating what i believe in and what i do. You are practically and currently reading and judging me from your point view.

Have you ever been in my shoes?

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