Dang. Baru nak sedar?

Pejam celik pejam celik. I'm already a Form 5. This is my senior year. I only have around 6 months left to enjoy my school life. I will be celebrating my graduation night in a few months from now. I don't have seniors anymore and people already start calling me 'kak'. Is this even real?

What i enjoy doing at school- video making, basketball, futsal, performances, i won't be able to do it anymore? And that was my last Teacher's Day celebration? For real?

Here i am, reminiscing my high school life. It's been too fast. I want more of it, the excitement, the vivacious moments, the giggles, the melancholy moments. I'm gonna miss all this. I know i won't be able to enjoy more if this. SPM is coming soon. I need to pass it with flying colours. I need scholarships, God damn it!

I went through some scholarship offers this morning.
BNM - Excellent in both extra curricular activities and SPORTS

I think i have enough extra curricular points already. But sports? I can't depend on my shiteous futsal tournament!



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