The moments that I'm willing to go through again

Why do people have to cry at the end of my videos?

this video was made for our practical teacher. Though she only taught us for 3 months, we could feel the bond between us. Of course, there were ups and down between us students and her, but it was all worth it. Haha, at the end of the video, you could see us Splashers camwhoring and syoksendiri-ing. Well, what can i say. We were born this way :)

I joined PRS Annual Camp as a photographer. Camped out with them for 3D2N at school. Makan tido semua sama. The best part is, since i'm not classified as the other campers and more to a facilitator, i could boss them around! Haha, there you go, Dictator Aqua. After snapping pictures throughout the camp, i had to make a video about it and present it at the closing ceremony.

I miss those moments  :')



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