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Jauhari Mengenal Manikam

Hentikanlah.. Umurmu baru setahun jagung Perilakumu bagai sudah bercucu lima.. Jangan engkau bongkak dan sombong Kelak kautahu padah yang menimpa
Hentikanlah.. Harta yang kaupunya ibarat sebutir pasir dari harta Tuhan Harta yang kaupunya mana mungkin dibawa mati Baru berkecimpung di bidang perniagaan, Sudah bagai empunya empayar besi.
Jikalau hatimu sudah dicuri Pastikan gerangannya tulus dan berbudi. Tatkala jauhari mengenal manikam, Diam sahajalah, hari sudahpun malam.

Dull and random.

I have a few situations to tell you. Some might be true and some might not be true.

Jalan-jalan dekat Giant, carik light bulbs with my brother. Ternampak ada display untuk lampu LED. We were like "Eh? Ape kemende nya lampu LED?" It was off, jadi kitorang tak tau la apa yg special sangat lampu tu. Tengah carik orang Giant untuk pasangkan lampu tu, sekali ternampak ada satu mamat tu tengah pegang kotak blender, pakai high-school jacket, dengan army punya haircut "Abang, saya nak test lampu LED tu la" "Saya tak jaga sini" dengan muka selengenya -______-' #truestory                                                                                                                                                                              Selisih dengan seorang wanita yang pakai beanie di salah satu kedai bodoh-bodoh dekat Giant. Saya pun bukan la seorang fashionista mahupun fashion maniac, tapi kalau setakat nak pegi Giant tu, tak payah la nak ber-beanie bag…

Woi Panic!

Seronok dowh, buat orang nangis. Terasa mission accomplished gila :D

The moments that I'm willing to go through again

Why do people have to cry at the end of my videos?

this video was made for our practical teacher. Though she only taught us for 3 months, we could feel the bond between us. Of course, there were ups and down between us students and her, but it was all worth it. Haha, at the end of the video, you could see us Splashers camwhoring and syoksendiri-ing. Well, what can i say. We were born this way :)

I joined PRS Annual Camp as a photographer. Camped out with them for 3D2N at school. Makan tido semua sama. The best part is, since i'm not classified as the other campers and more to a facilitator, i could boss them around! Haha, there you go, Dictator Aqua. After snapping pictures throughout the camp, i had to make a video about it and present it at the closing ceremony.

I miss those moments  :')


She's tired. Just tired.

Have you heard of people saying that they feel empty? Yeah, she's feeling empty right now. Don't disturb her. She's too used to being used as a friend and no one thinks about how she feels. She's always trying to put others before herself. She believes in karma and believes that one day, the wheel of fortune would spin and she'll be the one who's being taken care of. Though how bad you treat her, she'll never give up on believing in the wheel of fortune. God is fair. What goes around, comes around. You mess with her, I'll mess with you.

Sometimes i think "Who breaks a butterfly upon a wheel? I do."


Insomnia? Nope.

Hey bloggerville.
It's currently 3.10am. I am still wide awake. These past few weeks, i guess i have been writing quite a lot. A little too much? I don't know. What i know is this time, i really need to write. I apologise if i annoy you, spamming your dashboard, but i desperately need to write.

I am not staying up till this late hour on purpose. Something has been bugging me. If only i know what it is. I'm having the typical "mandi tak basah, tidur tak lena, makan tak kenyang" syndrome. But nahh, it's not the love syndrome. This feeling is kinda extraordinary. Never felt it before. And let me tell you once again. I, myself don't even know what it is.

Hati ni rasa tak sedap. When i wanna shut my eyes, my brain won't even listen to me! My mind says "Shut!" but my brain has been uncontrollably stubborn! Usually if i can't sleep, i would just face some books. And i mean literal books, not facebook. Bukan nak jobo, tapi agak-agak la. SPM is r…

Reminiscing my Primary School Life. School #1

Before leaving my 'school'-hood, I would wanna take a tour back to my primary school world. So this is gonna be a pretty uber long post.

I started my primary school at a school. I'm not gonna say the school's name as i'm about to mention something bad about it.

Standard One
I was a really shy person when i was a kid. Couldn't even start a conversation with someone. Often found with a book in my hand. PFFT, SNAP! Standard one was pretty much blurry. I can't quiet recall what happened. It's a private school, that's all i can say. Jenis yang bayar yuran bulan-bulan tu. Started at about 8 but ends at about 5.

The meals, paid together with the monthly fees. So whatever they prepare, i have to suck those in. Imagine recessing with around 200 other people at the same time, and lining up in a line. Lepas tu, mana2 yang pakai geng2 tu pulak selamba badak je kasi kawan dia potong line. So usually, i'll end up at the end of the line. And those who know me, …

Dang. Baru nak sedar?

Pejam celik pejam celik. I'm already a Form 5. This is my senior year. I only have around 6 months left to enjoy my school life. I will be celebrating my graduation night in a few months from now. I don't have seniors anymore and people already start calling me 'kak'. Is this even real?

What i enjoy doing at school- video making, basketball, futsal, performances, i won't be able to do it anymore? And that was my last Teacher's Day celebration? For real?

Here i am, reminiscing my high school life. It's been too fast. I want more of it, the excitement, the vivacious moments, the giggles, the melancholy moments. I'm gonna miss all this. I know i won't be able to enjoy more if this. SPM is coming soon. I need to pass it with flying colours. I need scholarships, God damn it!

I went through some scholarship offers this morning.
BNM - Excellent in both extra curricular activities and SPORTS. 

I think i have enough extra curricular points already. But sport…


In the living room.

Papa just got back from work, heading straight to his room.
"Wake me up at 8. I have an appointment with someone"
"Okay, pa."
Few minutes later, I saw Sofea, a two-year-old kid, heading straight to Papa's room. While walking to Papa's room to look what Sofea's doing, i screamed
"Someone take Sofea out of Papa's room! He's trying to sleep!"
As i walked into the room, I saw Papa hugging Sofea while he's trying to get his sleep. Sofea looked so calmed and was trying to sleep as well.

"I love her more than my sleep"


Look Me In the Eye! LOL!

Baru jumpa gambar ni!
Back in the days when i was preparing the teacher's day video! Aha! So when i was doing my work, Nina Khalil aka Norish Karman was playing with ze camera. 

ignore the messy eyebrow, and listen to my instruction. so whatchu gotta do now is look me in the eye and tell me what you see. Lol! XD
Siapa yg malas nak click on ze picture for tumbesaran berganda tu, meh ese bagitau jawapan eh.
If you look closer, you'll see my hands on my laptop. Hehe. 

My Day Continues..

Baiklah. Pengembaraan diteruskan oleh orang yang perasan sibuk ni.

My bro picked me up from school around 4. Masa tu dah siap tukar baju dah *coughs*. Along brought my sandals and hoody from home. Lepas tu gerak pegi KL balik. Sigh, dah nak muntah tengok highway tu.
About an hour later, we arrived at my future sister-in-law's neighbourhood.
I had a chat with my brother and it goes something like this:

Along  : Nak hantar barang ni dekat gate je ke nak masuk eh? Along segan la.
Me       : Masuk la. Tak sopan la hantar dekat gate je.
Along  : Fuhh, harap2 rumah dia tak ramai orang. Harap2 ada mak dia je. Lagi sikit lagi bagus.
Me       : Sekali semua adik-beradik dia, sepupu-sepapat dia datang rumah dia. Saja nak jumpa along :p
Along  : Babi betul.
Me      : Apasal? Cuak? Hahaha.
Along  : Mesti la! Hahaha. Lagipun kita dah lambat nak pergi Persiaran Gurney ni. Dah lambat sangat.
Me      : Macam tu toksah la duduk-duduk, minum-minum. Setakat masuk, salam, pass barang je dah la..

Our c…

Almaklum lah.. Otak dah kosong.

Haaaa!! Itu dia! Senator Retro dah mari! *overwhelmed*

Dah lama dah tak update blog ni, kan? Dah berhabuk dah.. *cough *cough *cough

Snap! Oh yes. Hari tu kan, on the 28th of May, it was a pretty busy day for me.

A trip to Taylor's College with my schoolHari Himpunan Sejuta belia NegaraThe premiere of Sharpay's Fabulous AdventureUncle and Aunt's birthday celebrationMy Along's girlfriend's house to drop some stuff.As you can see, i had to scratch some of my plans. There's no way i can make it to all of those.  Mari kita mulakan dengan event yang pertama iaitu lawatan sambil belajar dengan sekolah.
We departed around 8.20, two buses altogether. I have to admit, that was my first time going to Taylor's University, Lakeside Campus, unlike Hana, Zooe, Farah and the others. Nina was supposed to tag along but she chose to go to Himpunan Sejuta Belia Negara. *cough*ada hasrat terpendam*cough*
Tatkala bas kami mula melepaskan brek dan klac perlahan-lahan, hatiku berdegup …