Sara Ber-Alice, MyChael Bublé and Josh Groban

Hello, bloggerville! I feel much better today as i managed to sort things out last night. Feeling a lot better. Lonely? Of course i still am, my brother is at the west, watching Will's and Kate's wedding, sisters at the east.. So i have YouTube to accompany me :D
Thanks, bud. You're always there when i need you. Except for when Mr. Streamyx won't allow you to.

This video by Sara Bareilles really caught my attention. It was done using a webcam most of the time. Creatively done, i must say. Plus, there were Mr. Groban, Adam Levine, and even Ryan Tedder! Oh yes, there's once when i-forgot-who ate underwater. Memangla pepatah Melayu cakap sambil menyelam minum air, tapi dia MAKAN dalam air! Gila ahh..

Only my close friends know how much i'm addicted to Michael Bublé :) I even had a post before about him, remember? ;) And after you watch this video, you'll know that Josh Groban can never be Michael Bublé and Michael Bublé can never be Josh Groban. Yes? 

They look like little boys on stage! Awwww!



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