My sleepless night paid off! Didn't eat for almost 2 days, stayed back till late evening just to do it, IT'S DONE! Hah, leganya..

I'm talking about the teacher's day video, people. It barely reached my satisfactory level to be honest. I don't think it's great. But to take pictures of 89 teachers, bayangkan kalau cikgu tu tak datang sekolah, kena carik gambar diorang dekat collection of events throughout the whole year. Nak kena edit setiap satu kalau gambar tu buruk. Then combine, then buat Ken Burns on every single picture, then transitions, then double triple playback, then render, KAU INGAT SENANG?!

Though it's not that good, at least i felt satisfied when i heard the audience cheered when their favourite teachers appeared on the screen. And the look on the teachers' faces :')

Hero of the day : Pharmaton for keeping me energetic.

Do you know what it feels like when you only get to have a bite of food in the morning, then take supplement so that you can go through your day? Terasa macam mayat hidup.



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